Top Ten Things To Do in Budapest

The top ten things to do in Budapest is by no ways an easy list to put together as there are lots of things to do, to see, to try in the exciting capital city of Hungary. Admittedly, it’s not easy to pick the overall top ten things to do in Budapest, which would cater for all interests, styles, ages, tastes and budgets.

Budapest by Night

Budapest by Night

If you have specific requests, and would like to get some more personalized tips for your Budapest Top Ten, send your comment (see the hundreds of comments below).


Top Ten Budapest Things To Do

Budapest Baths – Number 1 – Things To Do in Budapest

Budapest Gellert Bath

Budapest Gellert Bath – Things to do in Budapest

When in Budapest, go to a bath. But why does everyone tell you that? Well, Budapest baths are one of a kind. Really. They are palaces, or historical Turkish baths. Soak, have a lazy morning, and get some massages in one of the best Budapest Baths, like Szechenyi Baths or Rudas Baths, or in Gellert Spa.

Having a healing bath is not only good for your joints, it is also a great way to get back your strength after stress, late night parties, long Budapest walking tours, or to cure your jet lag.

The top baths in Budapest have a range of thermal and swimming pools of all sizes, so everyone can find their own needs easily. Some of the baths are mixed fully, or at least co-ed on certain days: see more on Budapest Baths.

Try one of the therapies and drinking cures too. Does it taste strange? You bet. But it’s hot spring water cooled down. Nature’s cocktail.


Whirlpool in Szechenyi Bath

Whirlpool in Szechenyi Bath

Tip: the lines waiting at the Szechenyi Thermal Baths can be quite long from May to October. Is it worth waiting 45 min in the hot sun (no shades!)? We don’t think so, after all you can buy your Szechenyi Bath tickets online. Winters are OK though (except Budapest Christmas holidays and NYE), as are weekday mornings, if you can optimise your bath visit.

Tip: Nightlife seeking tourists shouldn’t miss Budapest bath parties,  ‘sparties’ short for spa parties (laser beam show, VJs, and spa party mix!), the Saturday Magic Bath parties and the summer Szecska bath parties! Are you already hooked? Give a like to Szechenyi Baths on Facebook.

Buda Castle, Castle Hill Budapest – Number 2 – Things To Do in Budapest

St Stephen, Hungary's first king

St Stephen, Hungary’s first king – Things to do in Budapest

Take the historical Funicular Railway uphill, or skip the long lines and climb uphill for 10 min, then walk around the Buda Castle on the Castle Hill to enjoy the views over the river Danube, the Chain Bridge, the Gresham Palace, the Hungarian Parliament, etc. from the Fisherman’s Bastion, visit the Matthias Church, have a cake and coffee in the 19th century Cafe Ruszwurm, and indulge in about 50 regional wines in Faust Wine Cellar or the Royal Wine House – all on the Castle Hill, Budapest. Some tourists check out the Changing of Guards at the Hungarian Presidential Palace, also in the Buda Castle (at the Funicular)

The once famous Buda Castle labyrinth has been closed down for good, and then re-opened as an apparently lame version (you have been warned) under a new concept and management.


Festival Concert Budapest Buda Castle Beer Festival

Festival Concert Budapest Buda Castle

Tip: Buda Castle festivals are some of the best Budapest festivals, there is one for almost every month: Easter Festival, Wine festival, Chocolate Festival, Beer FestivalPalinka Festival, etc. Don’t miss the Festival of Folk Arts in the Buda Castle around Aug 20.

Tip: If you like WW2, visit the Rock Hospital Museum: a nuclear shelter + hospital under the Castle Hill. Feel the chilly winds of the Cold War era.

Tip: the Parliament looks enticing from the Buda Castle: do book a guided tour in advance. Places are very limited. See: Hungarian Parliament tours

Budapest Tourist Map

You can find some of the best attractions, restaurants and hotels in Budapest in our Budapest Tourist Map. Please click on the map image to enlarge and to get to the actual interactive map to estimate walking, car or Budapest public transport distances:

Budapest Tourist Map by

Budapest Tourist Map by

Heroes’ Square – Number 3 – Things To Do in Budapest

Visit the Heroes’ Square featuring the historical equestrian statue complex called the Hungarian Millennium Monument. The square is flanked by two high-quality fine art museums, the OLD and the NEW. The classical Museum of Fine Arts features the old arts, from mummies to Raffaello – huge fine art collections from Europe – see the exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts.) Opposite the Museum of Fine Arts is the contemporary Hall of Arts (Mucsarnok) if you love good exhibitions of international arts from the last few decades, it is a must see.

Budapest National Gallop on Heroes Square

Budapest National Gallop on Heroes Square –

Alternatively, take a walk in the City Park (where Szechenyi Baths is), spot the Vajdahunyad Castle at the artificial lake. The small lake by the castle is good for feeding the ducks, or skating in winter, boating lake in summer.

You can keep walking on Andrassy Avenue (or take the yellow line metro to Oktogon square) and take a look at the House of Terror, a highly popular and unique museum showing the real dark pits of communism, and the Nazi regime in the ex HQ of the secret police.

Tip: check out the weekend flea market at PECSA if you like oddities, quirky items and places. Kertem is one of the ruin pubs in the City Park (snacks, drinks, good atmosphere).

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Shopping in Budapest – Number 4 – Things To Do in Budapest

Budapest Market Hall

Budapest Market Hall – Dennis Jarvis Photography

You can buy gifts, try the delicious fresh vegetables and fruits, Hungarian paprika, salamis, etc. and gobble the Hungarian savory snack, ‘Langos’ in the  Great Market Hall of Budapest by the Liberty Bridge in Budapest. There are good food stalls and an affordable restaurant too.

To get unique gifts, or to shop for Hungarian artsy specialties go to WAMP Design Market or Gozsdu Court in the old Jewish quarter. WAMP is once a month (in summer by Deak Square).

Tip: Here is a simple Budapest shopping map: wine shops, cheese shops, designer shops, Budapest market halls, etc.

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Walk by the River in Budapest – Number 5 – Things To Do in Budapest

OK, it is actually the number 1 or 2 thing to do in Budapest, but you will be walking by the river anyway. Also our tip: walk along the Danube promenade, marvel at the neo-Gothic Hungarian Parliament with its fine turrets and statues. Walk through the Chain Bridge, the Liberty Bridge, or the Margaret bridge (Margithid), and take a fun bike to go around Margaret Island, (Margitsziget) one of the best green parks of Budapest with loads of things to enjoy (open air lido of Palatinus, free pet zoo, Japanese garden, etc.).

Segway Budapest

Segway Budapest – Brian Harrington Spier Photography

Tip: Budapest is a city where you will walk a lot. If you get tired, get on Tram 2, which is among the top ten most scenic tram routes in the world (National Geographic), and voted as the best in Europe. Tram 2 runs along the river Danube, which is basically like a free river tour on land.

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  • Budapest Segway Tours: if you are already a Segway fan, you need no more encouragement, just go, and enjoy. If you have not tried rolling on a Segway yet, here is a chance to get instantly hooked! Available in winter too.
  • Night Walking Tour and River Cruise: a 3 hour comprehensive tour, with reasonable prices
  • Bike Tour in Budapest: 3.5 hour bicycle tour in the city, including the river Danube and its beautiful promenades.

River Cruise on the Danube – Number 6 – Things To Do in Budapest

Cruise on the river Danube in Budapest is best at night, after or in sunset. Boat tours are very varied. For the best guided river cruise in Budapest, pick the panorama boats (glass covered, like Duna Bella or Legenda). Simple sightseeing cruise sound boring when it comes to options like: cocktail cruise, wine cruise, beer cruise, party cruise, operetta cruise, lunch cruise, dinner cruise, NYE cruise, Christmas boat, etc.

Danube cruise Budapest

Danube cruise Budapest – Pablo Szekely Photography

Budapest boat tours: get in a river boat (some are open air, others have huge glasses to shield you in rainy windy weather), and sip some nice champagne, wine, beer or juice while enjoying the night-lit UNESCO world heritage sights of the two sides of the Danube: the Buda Castle, the Citadel on the Gellert Hill, the 19th century buildings on the hilly Buda side, the Hungarian Parliament, the Gresham Palace, the St Stephen’s Basilica on the Pest side, the Margaret Island and the bridges (Chain Bridge, Liberty Bridge, etc.) in the middle. You cannot but be romantic in Budapest. Or just warm up for a party on a Budapest boat party.

Related Budapest boat rides:

Tip: Tram 2 – along the river on land, for approx. 1.5 Euro
Tip: The most spectacular river cruise of the year is the Budapest Fireworks Cruise – surprisingly not on New Year’s Eve, but on August 20 (birthday of Hungary)

Music in Budapest – Number 7 – Things To Do in Budapest

Enjoy operas in the beautiful Hungarian Opera House (snacks in the break are also a treat) and/ or listen to classical concerts at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music or choirs, organ concerts at the magnificent St Stephen’s Basilica. Jazz, world music and classical concerts are excellent at the Palace of Arts (MUPA) where you can always find something intriguing to do.

Opera House Budapest

Opera House Budapest

If classical music is not for you, go to one of the great Budapest festivals (e.g. Sziget Festival on Obuda Island in Budapest, Balaton Festival in Zanka Volt Festival in Sopron, etc.).

For cool local and international rock, world music, jazz, metal, hiphop, d&b, metal, punk, etc. concerts visit A38 music club (which is a ship on the Danube with a nice restaurant), or check out some fresh music programmes by talking to guys & gals in a pub/ cafe – everyone will be happy to help you. The younger generation of 15-38 speaks good English.

Tip: see some upcoming music events in Budapest Events guide

Jewish Budapest – Number 8 – Things To Do in Budapest

Visit the Dohany Street Synagogue (aka the Budapest Great Synagogue), the Jewish Museum, and the old Jewish district, where you can try yummy cakes at Cafe Frohlich or Cafe Noé etc. (Rachel’s Flodni is incredibly delicious). If you are lucky you can listen to some wonderful klezmer music, and other concerts at the Synagogue. Don’t miss the Jewish Summer Festival if you are in Budapest in August-September, or the Jewish Gastro Festival in November. Walk through Kiraly street (start from Deak square) to find a good place to eat, boutiques to buy handmade things, and feel the vibe of a Budapest’s Jewish community. Take a walk to the Shoes on the Danube Holocaust memorial by the river bank on the Pest side.

Dohany Street Synagogue Budapest Patrick Nouhailler

Great Synagogue Budapest – Patrick Nouhailler Photography

Related Budapest Jewish cultural tours:

Tip: the Grand Synagogue in Dohany Street is closed on Saturdays, the Holocaust Memorial Center in District IX. is closed on Mondays

Tip: the Jewish Quarter in Budapest also boasts most of the hip and trendy bars of Budapest, the so called ruin pubs. Walk along Kazinczy Street to bump into a dozen of the ruin bars.

Budapest Nightlife, Parties –  Number 9 – Things To Do in Budapest

Take part in Budapest nightlife: lots of parties, pubs, bars and clubs. Budapest definitely caters for all tastes and inclinations, dancing and drinking habits.

Plus the city is quite safe even at night, and people are very friendly.

But use your common sense: after all it’s a city of 2 million people.

Budapest Pub Crawling

Budapest Pub Crawling – Imnewtryme Photography

Special Parties in Budapest:

Enhance your nightlife experience by checking out one of the best Budapest festivals. Ruin pubs (like Szimpla kert, Otkert, Corvinteto, etc.) are not to be missed if you are under 35 or so, and love parties, cool pubs, artsy – quirky places. You will know what to do: talk to locals and have fun, try a sip of palinka, or a Hungarian (craft) beer!

Oh, for the more moderate, you can go to nice restaurants with live music (swing, jazz) or why not take a bath under the starlit Budapest (some of the pools at Szechenyi Baths are open until 10 pm!)

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Tip: try some of the drinks we locals take: the best Hungarian beers, sample the best Hungarian wines, take a few sips of the Hungarian dessert wine Tokaji aszu, or the mighty Hungarian Palinka will set the mood for any parties.

Cuisine – Tasting tours in Budapest – Number 10 – Things To Do in Budapest

Try Hungarian cuisine in one of the best Budapest restaurants, or one of the Top Budapest cafes, especially the mouthwatering cakes at the best Budapest confectioneries .

When sampling Hungarian dishes, supposing you are not a vegetarian in Budapest, give priority to goose (Hungary is the second biggest goose liver exporter following France), mangalica pork (the meat of the Hungarian furry pig), or duck, wild boar.

Cafe Alexandra in Paris Department House, Budapest

Cafe in Paris Department House, Budapest – Ben G Hancock Photography

Did you know that many Serrano hams in Spain are made from the best tasting Hungarian pork, Mangalitsa.

Try the matching Hungarian wines, but do not trust all waiters / sommeliers (some will offer you the priciest, so if in doubt, check the price before ordering). Are you on a tight budget looking for value and cheap restaurants? Don’t despair! Here are some of the best cheap restaurants in Budapest (green icons on the map show vegetarian options).

Leave some room for the best Hungarian pastries for dessert. Dobos cake may be famous, but it is a dry cake. ‘Flodni’ on the other hand, is the best moist cake ever! Hungarian strudels at Retesbolt are fantastic, worth a detour. Cakes at Daubner are also singing!

Try a tasting tour on hot summer days in cool wine cellars, visit the market halls with a local foodie guide, or if you love cooking, try one of the best reviewed Hungarian cooking crash courses.

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Last updated the Top ten Things to Do in Budapest: May 29, 2013
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How do I book just the one hour right river cruise on the danube

Hello Peggy, there are several river cruises in Budapest on the Danube, I hope you will find what is the right cruise for you. The length of the cruises vary (1-2 hours or more).
For a one hour Budapest river tour with headset guide at a decent price, I would recommend the Mahart Passanave Danube Corso sightseeing tour. Cruises are daily (from April 1 to October 30), ships leave every hour, current cost is 2990 HUF per person.
No need to book in advance.
Details on
Further river cruises in Budapest:

I want to drive from Budapest to krakow. What should I plan to see and how long is the drive. Thanks

Hello Michael, sorry, I do not quite understand your question. What should you plan to see in Budapest? Above the comments you can see the Top 10 things to do, but there are of course a lot more Budapest attractions.
How long is the drive from Budapest, Hungary to Krakow, Poland is shown by ‘google maps directions’. The car drive estimates are: approx 6-7 hours. There are more options on major motorways, E77, or E60/E75 (and E75).
Have a nice trip!

Hello I am planning to book a holiday to Budapest on the 24th October for about five days. I was wondering what the weather is like then. Also, I have two children so what can they do there? Thanks

Hello Ivan, the end of October in Budapest can be mostly cloudy, windy and rainy, with occasional sunny periods. The average temperature is about 11°C in Hungary in October based on the averages of past years. Although the weather is not so cold, most people would wear lighter or thicker coats, even hats at this time in Hungary. That being said, if you intend to use Budapest public transport, most vehicles, especially the metros are really warm, so it’s easy to catch a cold just by coming and going from warm to cool weather. I would recommend for the kids some layered garments that can be easily opened and done up (e.g. T-shirt, light zipped cardigans and a rainproof coat).
As for family / children programmes in general, see these options: Family friendly Budapest and some of the Fun activities here: Budapest Fun
In good weather you can go to the Buda Castle, Margaret Island, take a ride on the Children’s railway, etc. in bad weather indoor programmes can still make your children happy: the Palace of Wonders at Millenaris Park, Budapest Zoo (interior places), Budapest AquaWorld theme park, Budapest Labyrinth under the Castle Hill, ElevenPark funhouse (soft play area for under 10s), etc. Szechenyi Baths is great fun in bad weather too (for over 14s)
Hope this helps with planning your visit to Budapest.

Thank you very much for the information! One of my children is 9 years old so is it possible for him to go to any of the Baths in Budapest? Thanks

All warm and hot thermal baths are ministry regulated, according to which the pools containing (warm?) thermal waters can only be used by children over 14 years of age. I phoned Szechenyi to try to find out why it is not recommended for small kids but the guy on the line was not sure, maybe the chemical compounds, some Hungarian parenting sites guess that it would be too warm for the kids’ hearts. Nevertheless, he would be let in as certain non-thermal pools could be used by him too. … so if you are OK with a mixed solution that might work for the whole family.
On the other hand, there is a recently built aquapark in Budapest with slides, lots of pools (not thermal though, but there are spa facilities): – at this time of the year (autumn weather) I think this is the only good solution for swimming – splashing in Budapest as a family.

We were at the Geller thermal waters today. There were some kids in the pool. Mostly elderly folks in the pool and thermal. Overall, no big deal. Thermal pools are way over rated.

Childrens bodies cannot effectively regulate their body temperature. Very dangerous to have them in a spa.

I’d like to know two things:
1) If there are any performative art festivals in Budapest or other kind of contemporary art festivals and when does it take place. You can also just send me some links and I do the search.
2) If I go to Budapest in February, what kind of weather can I get and what kind of things can I do.
Thank you very much.

What are the best places to go out dancing and eating in Budapest?

Hello Ayla, probably the best places to go dancing in Budapest are here:
You can find the best restaurants in Budapest (although not the cheapest and the list is not totally comprehensive even though we are trying to keep uptodate):

Hello again I was wondering whether or not I can buy a sim card over there. I have a smart phone so I would like to access the internet. So how much would it cost at a pay as you go basis and where could I find one? Thanks

Hello Ivan, you can buy SIM cards in Hungary as a tourist. Check out the current rates to see which service provider you want to use: T Mobile and Vodafone are pretty much the market leaders. Here are the phone rates for the Hungarian T Mobile (Domino is the pay as you go)

hello, i am visiting budapest in november and would like to use the thermal spa/bath, do u just turn up and pay on the door or do u need to pre book. thanks

Hello Jamie, Budapest baths are pretty much drop in places (you pay at the entrance), so there is no need to book your tickets in advance to have a bath, sauna etc. (massages on the other hand needs to be booked in advance).

hi coming to budapest 4th dec for 4 nights.Traveling from england and not sure what to bring will it be very cold . Also were will i find the xmas markets and is their anything else special this time of year

Hi Sally, a warm coat (plus hat and gloves), cardigans and trousers, and a pair of relatively waterproof comfy shoes should do even if it snows in Budapest. Though let me add that some English tourists, much to the Hungarians’ surprise – can bear the cold pretty well in a sweater and donning a flip-flop. So the best would probably be to prepare with some flexible layered garments, which is also very helpful if you would like to use the public transportation in Budapest (vehicles are overheated). The average temperature is 1 °C in December, which does not say much in itself: the average weather in Budapest in December (and winter in general) can range from sunny, springlike days of 7-9 °C to windy, slushy, snowy and foggy days of -9°C.
Budapest Christmas Fair is very nice with various concerts and stage performances at the weekends and lots of food and mulled wine. :) The Xmas Fair is on Vorosmarty ter in the middle of the city (in district 5 – M1 metro station is the same name, i.e. Vörösmarty tér)

Hi, I was wondering if absinthe is legal in Budapest? Do you know here can I get it?

Hi Sara, yes, absinthe is legal in Hungary (just as in Europe in general, and in the US ands Switzerland too). There are several absinthe brands available in Budapest, Hungary. Here is a comprehensive list of the brands: (brands highlighted in bordeaux), which shows that French absinthe liqueurs are prevalent in Hungary (in supermarkets, pubs, etc.) rather than the more noble and tastier real absinthes. In fact, the Hungarian ‘absinthe master’ who put the above page together recommends two other drinks to get a more absinthe-like experience than the liqueurs can give: either the Greek ouzo or the Turkish raki (Efe raki or Yeni raki) – at least, if you should happen to be a starter. Now I must admit I have never ever tasted absinthe, so I hope the above info will be helpful to your absinthe tour.

Thank you very much, it’s really helpful :)

I am going to Budapest this w/e Friday night to Sunday afternoon from London with 3 friends. We are all young female travellers on a budget. With only 1 and a half days in Hungry we want to have a good idea and put together a bit of an itinerary before we go, what are the ‘must do’ things (tours/attractions/markets/baths) while we are there.

Hi, next week myself and group of Deaf sign-language users of mixed ages are visiting Budapest from London. Can you recommend anything that might be of particular interest? Obviously bars and restaurants and the usual baths and sights will be on our itinerary, but anything Deaf-related? Hope you can come up with something.

Hello Asteriea, I!m afraid there is nothing much going on next week regarding Budapest Deaf events. I have checked the official site of the Hungarian Deaf Society ( and couldn’t find anything for next week. However, I would encourage you to contact them directly at They may have an idea or just be open to meet you and your group.
More precisely, I have found a deaf football match for Dec 3, Sunday. The rest of the programmes seem to be focusing on the Day of Santa Clause (who comes to Hungary on Dec 6) and Christmas.
Also, there is a very nice theatre programme for deaf people and hard of hearing people called Recently they have had a couple of performances signed thus making it accessible to the deaf audience. Again, the problem is that their event guide does not show anything for the end of Nov. But it can never hurt to contact them too at or directly Ervin Bonecz project manager at
Last but not least, there is a Jewish deaf association (in a building called ‘Balint Haz’ in Budapest) who regularly meet other Jewish deaf people from all over the world. Their email address is
Hope this helps.
ps: do not miss the Budapest Christmas Fair in the city centre, it is really beautiful. More info about the Xmas market in Budapest here.

Thank you very much indeed, that is very helpful, and a v quick response.. I shall contact all those people. I looked at the sinosz website but of course its in Hungarian LOL. I dont think there is much chance we’ll miss the Christmas fair. Thanks again. i know there are memebers of the group who would have loved the deaf football match but thats the day we fly home. Typical!

We will be arriving in Budapest on the 21st and will travel to Vienna by train from there. We are staying on the Pest side (Hotel Palazzo Zichy, Jozsefvaros) and I was wondering where the best and closest place to purchase the train tickets would be.
Thank you

Hello Paula,
sorry about the late reply. You can buy your tickets conveniently at either Nyugati train station or at Keleti train station as both of them are pretty much the same distance from you. You can reach Nyugati easily by the tram number 4 or 6 running on the grand boulevard (and the building of Nyugati is worth a visit (planned by the Eiffel office)) – approx 12 min from the hotel (or you can take the M3 blue metro line: walk to Kálvin tér and then get on the metro till Nyugati metro station) – approx 12 min too. Keleti railway station is another option (you could even walk there if you don’t mind the cold weather for a 25 min walk) – take the number 4 or 6 tram to Blaha square and then get on the M2 red metro to Keleti – approx 15 min.

Hello :)
we will be arriving for New year for few days, we’re staing in the Mercure Budapest City Centar hotel in the Vaci street, so could you recommend me some pubs, bars and restaurants in the area which are appropriately for two young couples. We are just coming to eat and drink good and make some sightseeing through a wonderful historical city.
Thank you

Hi Suzy, Vaci street is pretty central and there are several restaurants (étterem in Hungarian) and cafes in this popular shopping street, but the first thing I would advise is to avoid them (most of them are tourist traps).
To have a nice cup of coffee I would go to Centrál Kávézó (Central Cafe): or to the cosy and nice cafe / restaurant Café Gerlóczy Restaurant –
or if you want to splurge a bit, you can go to Café Gerbeaud on Vorosmarty ter (2 min walk from your hotel in Vaci street Budapest) or the Cafe of Four Seasons Hotel at the Chain Bridge

Some good restaurants in the neighbourhood are as follows:
Cyrano Restaurant Budapest – art and trendy
Mokka Cafe & Restaurant is very nice
Café Kor (Café Kör) restaurant is simple and nice

if you love sea food, you may enjoy going to Ocean Bar and Grill Restaurant
Italian meals are great (and very atmospheric) at Trattoria Toscana Restaurant
If you like Indian food, Salaam Bombay Restaurant is one of the best in Budapest
etc. There are loads, see the top list here (needs some update):
see the full version of our Budapest tourist map and thematic maps here: Budapest attractions, restaurants, cafes on a Budapest intractive map:
Budapest pubs and bars:

Hope this helps, have a nice New Year’s stay.
Oh, and I almost forgot, you will be staying very close to Vorosmarty ter where the annual Budapest Christmas Market is (that means lots of foods and drinks, warm meals too) :)


Cool thank you Anna :)


I am searching for Turkish raki (Efe raki or Yeni raki) in Budapest. How can I find it? Can you recommend somethnig?

Thanks in advance..

Hi Yagiz, there are very few shops where you can find Turkish raki. I think this anise flavoured grape brandy is more and more popular in Budapest. That being said, it is not easy to find it. There are a couple of Turkish restaurants in Budapest, e.g. Szeráj Étterem is pretty popular and I assume they sell raki too (close to Nyugati train station, almost at the foot of the Margaret Bridge on Jaszai Mari tér, address: Szent István körút 13. ). In addition to Turkish eateries, there are a couple of webshops, like or where you can order raki (I am not sure it would be easy to order as a foreigner though). The rest of the usual groceries is a big question mark, you need to try them at random. I would definitely ask the Turkish staff of a Turkish restaurant for a good reliable tip (some shops may sell the lower quality German type Raki)

Hi there!

I am a French architecture student going to Budapest from the 26th dec to the 2nd jan. with my girlfriend (studying architêcture too) .
Could you advise us some interesting places to see/visit ? and besides classical / hostirical architecture is there something particular to see regarding to contemporary architecture?
Back to some more classical questions: I really like to try local food , wherever I go, might you know some little typical places / bars/ restaurants where I could enjoy traditional hungarian food, without ruining myself (I have a restrivted budget for this holyday :D ) .
Any other particular advice for a young couple during christmas / new year time in Buda?

Thanks in advance for the reply!!

Hi Clovis,
as for contemporary architecture you can see a list of some fine examples here: (check out the website too, referred to at the bottom)
for a traditional Hungarian meal, you could try a cheap lunch at Mákosguba restaurant on the Buda side, or Kádár Étkezde on the Pest side (lunch is served usually between 12 and 2pm)
I think you may wish to look at some of the events in December and January in Budapest:
December – Budapest Christmas Fair is a nice place to visit
I would also recommend taking a look at the ‘Romantic Budapest’ article
Hope this helps! Have a nice trip!

Hy, nice work about Budapest, it was easy to make a first impression about this wonderful city. We are visiting Budapest in January, 5-10 and we will be staying somewhere near the Jewish Cathedral/Synagogue. Is it ok for us to buy a Budapest card-72 hrs- we are a family of 2 and a child of 5? Or should we pay for other ways of travelling inside Budapest? What weather should we expect?
From the location of our hotel, which trams/busses/undergroung should we take to the main tourist attractions? And finally, the last question, what should be done in WINTER in Budapest? Thanks in advance, it would be great if you could help us a little bit, since I am moistly teriffied by the fact that Hungarian is sooo difficult and I won’t be able to get along in Budapest! Bye, Roxana.

Hello Roxana, sorry about the late reply, I was trying to find out the latest (2012) Budapest public transport (BKV) prices for you, but the BKV site is a mess right now and there is no reply to my email.
As for the 3 day Budapest card-72 hrs: one pass is only for one adult and one kid (under 14), so for two adults and two kids it is still not covering all of you and for a big sum you will very likely not benefit from the two passes in a truly satisfactory way I’m afraid.
Instead, I would consider the following more economical and practical options:
most importantly the standard Budapest public transport tourist passes for

a, a family pass (sorry, couldn’t find out how many people can use it and under what age – but as far as I know, no aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces and grandparents are eligible, only parents and their children). Are you 7 altogether? Maybe 2 family passes of 2,200 HUF each will be a good option, but you need to check it with the cashier (hopefully he/she can speak good English). I think last year the family pass was suitable for 1 or 2 parents and 1-7 children (all under 14).
b, a weekly pass (suitable for all your stay Jan 5-1o) 4,600 HUF each, if the above scenario of Budapest family card (not ‘the Budapest card’ just the standard BKV transport card)

The touristy Budapest cards include a couple of nice things like free entrance to the zoo, 2 free tours, and some cheaper tickets to museums, etc. but all in all it may not be the best option. Unless you know exactly what you want to visit and run a quick cost benefit calculation for yourselves.

Weather: chilly, cold weather with occasional rains, about 2-5 degrees Celsius by day and around zero at night:

You will be very close to the heart of the city, you can find Deák tér (Deak square) about 5 min walk from you where all metro lines meet, or you can use Astoria square as your basis (M2 metro line, bus number 7, etc.)

Winter programmes:
Hope you find something good for the whole family: I would recommend to go to a bath, but if your kids are under 14 it is not a good option. Other options: the Budapest ZOO, ice skating on the rink, a ride on the Children’s railway plus eating strudels at Normafa, Budapest Museum of Transport, Palace of Wonders at Millenaris Park, Margaret Island, etc. More Budapest family ideas:

Have a nice trip, let us know how you managed to best save on the current Budapest public transport fees.

Dear Anna,
Thank you sooo much for your detailed info! What a wonderful person you are!
We have decided on the Budapest Card-72 hrs, since We want to take advantage of those walking guided tours of Buda and Pesta, I find them such a relief! Plus the Zoo which is free and we’ll probably spend half a day there with our son. All in all, I am looking forward to visiting beautiful Budapest and I believe that, regardless of the weather it’ll be an awesome experience! Thanks again for you kindness, Happy New Year and may you have the best new year ever! Love, Roxana.

Trying to book a hotel in a foreign city is very difficult. We are looking at the Hotel Victoria as it is on the river. We only have 3 days. We enjoy shopping, markets, not much into museums. Not much into night life as we are just retired. We are able to walk and are in good shape that way. Are we within walking distance for this or would you be able to suggest a better area of the city for us.

Thanks Pam from Canada

Hi Pam, Budapest is quite spread out when it comes to attractions and shopping, but I think most people in Budapest would agree that the shopping area is on the Pest side of the city (e.g. Vaci street or in Hungarian Váci utca is a shopping street, and there are many shops around Deák tér, the city centre, in Andrássy avenue between Deak square and Oktogon square, in Kossuth utca, Rákóczi út and in Teréz and Erzsébet körút.
So if shopping and markets are your main interests I would try to get a good hotel room close to the city centre (Deák tér) and just walk down to the river or have coffee / lunch / dinner by the river Danube to enjoy the views. Hotel Victoria is otherwise very nice and one of the most affordable ones with river views in its own category. But not really ideal for tourists with a shopping agenda.
You will see that Budapest has a very well woven and frequent public transport system, so you will be able to quickly get from one part of the city of Budapest to another by using the 3 metro lines wherever your accommodation will be.
Have a nice trip and happy New Year!

which website can i get a detail printable pdf budapest map ?

Hi Kenny,
here are a couple of downloadable Budapest maps. I don’t know how detailed you need, hope this helps:
downloadable full Budapest map by BKV (Budapest Public Transport company) (2o1o) (9.7MB!)
(it contains all the public transport routes and vehicle numbers too)
printable Budapest city centre map
downloadable and detailed Budapest bike map (2oo8)

Hello Anna.
We travel to Budapest on the 28th of Jan 2012. We will be staying at the Regnum residence. We have a tour of the city included along with a visit to the Kiraly baths. Can you advise eating establishments, with “hungarian” cuisine nearby. Also I usually exchange english pounds for currency wherever i am traveling to. Are there any issues with this in Budapest, are we likely to get ripped off as some people seem to advise.
Thanks for your help.

Hi Gary,
For Hungarian cuisine, that is good value for money (both in terms of quantity and quality) I would advise going to Menza, which is near Oktogon (you can get there either by the 4-6 tram or by the millenium underground). It is a good retro restaurant, I go there every time I go back to Budapest (I am from there). To get an even wider array of desserts to go with it, go to Dunapark cafe house, which is at the Pest side of the Margit bridge (Jaszai Mari ter/square stop of the 4-6 tram), and about 8-10 min walk on Pozsonyi ut.

As for currency, the Forint has just taken yet another nose dive, so going from pound to forint, I guess you will get a good price. I would say though to get your currency in the UK still, as exchange rates do vary a lot in Budapest, and once you are there, you are less likely to spend the time searching for the best rate.

i will go to Budapest on the next 2 days (Business Trip) and i have only one day to spent on visiting around and shopping.Can you recommend me those places that must visiting during winter and along ways from destination to destination i can enjoy cheap and delicious Hungarian food as well as buying some good,affordable and beautiful local made stuff (hand-bags,women cloth) for my wife.

Dear Leeloong, we are very sorry that we were unable to help in such short notice. We hope you had a great time in Budapest and found something truly nice for your wife.

hallo there,
i am coming to budapest on 20th of january till 27th with family- one kid aged 4., staying at ramada aquaworld. any suggestions what to do and where to go shopping and where to find szolnay shops. thanks

Hello Terry, you seem to have chosen a relaxing family friendly hotel at Ramada Aquaworld Budapest then, and at the same time you have decided to stay away from the busy city centre, which means you may not have time to get back to the hotel easily for a midday rest or to get changed, etc. so you may wish to organize your Budapest downtown programmes for a whole day. You may combine some of the family friendly events / venues in Budapest: I would also recommend taking a look at Budapest January events (just a taster, there is a lot more going on, so hopefully the concierge at Ramada hotel will give you more personalized tips):
As for shopping, if you have some market halls (foods, souvenirs) in mind, you will find Vasarcsarnok (Central Market Hall) interesting: – there are market tours (gastro tours) available too To visit various shops you can walk through the main shopping street of Budapest called Váci utca (pedestrian only, running along the river Danube), or go to one of the inner city shopping malls (West End City, Mammut, etc.).
Zsolnay porcelain shops: Zsolnay brand shops can be found e.g. in the 2nd district on the Buda side (address: 1027 Budapest, Margit krt. 24.), here is a full list
Have fun in Budapest, Hungary!


I am going to Budapest on Saturday and staying with my husband for his birthday at the Corinthia. DO you have any good suggestions for an itinerary? We have booked Nobu for lunch on the Sunday and we want to go to the four seasons for a drink one evening. We have also been recommended Spoon. I would like to the the shoes on the Danube and also we would like to go to the baths and do a little shopping maybe. We leave Tuesday Lunchtime.

Do you have any helpful ideas?

thank you!

Hi Michelle, it sounds like you have been given lots of great ideas from Sat to Tue to have a great birthday trip to Budapest. :) As for the weather, I would recommend scheduling your river Danube embankment walk (including the Shoes) for Monday, as Sunday will be very windy, especially by the river (both days may be rainy – about 25% chance).
So if you are into the baths and relaxation, Sunday might be a very good choice for staying indoors or rather in warm spa waters (Szechenyi, Gellert or Rudas spa baths are the most popular, and they all have strikingly different characters, interiors (unfortunately Rac Spa Bath is still not open, although it could have been an excellent choice).
Now, if I am not mistaken, it seems that you enjoy luxurious meals (and accommodation), so I will try to tune my tips into the high end register:

1, along the Danube on the Pest side: once going for a stroll along the Danube to see the Shoes Holocaust memorial, the Castle Hill and the Hungarian Parliament etc. (UNESCO World Heritage sites), and potentially doing some shopping in nearby Vaci street (Váci utca), Budapest’s main shopping street, running from Vorosmarty square (Vörösmarty tér) up to the Central Market Food Hall (also selling souvenirs), you may have a nice lunch / dinner in Onyx Restaurant (, one of the very best restaurants in Budapest according to the Michelin guide. Spoon is of course another option on this route, but one third of the guests rated it average-poor-terrible (on TripAdvisor travel forum) so you may not enjoy the best culinary experience (but you can see the river Danube in exchange).

2, near Corinthia Grand Hotel Budapest: Bock Bistro is a really nice bistro / wine restaurant where you can try local cuisine, great Hungarian wines (Bock family is one of the top rated wine maker in Hungary).

3, If you are foodies, I would also recommend trying a gastronomic tour (can be personalized for your needs as a couple if there are any free hours left) in Budapest offered by the author of the culinary guidebook ‘Food Wine Budapest’, Carolyn Banfalvi. The website is called Taste Hungary, and their gastro tours are highly praised by foreigners:

4, Nobu at the five star Kempinski Hotel Budapest is mostly considered an excellent / very good restaurant. Some of the downsides seem to be the loud rock pop music, tiny portions for high prices, bistro size tables, and occasional bland tastes of certain meals. That being said, some guests rave about the fantastic palatal experiences, and of course Nobu is a high end Japanese franchise restaurant with its own reputation. Probably the best Japanese food you can get in Budapest, Hungary (a less expensive option could be Momotaro Ramen – Chinese – and Japanese – restaurant). This is not to deter you from Nobu, just to see what others have experienced.

As for shopping, I have mentioned two frequently recommended destinations: Vaci street, a pedestrian only street (utca) running along the river, and the Grand Market Hall.

Further ideas:
romantic Castle on the hilly Buda side: if you have not been to the Castle on the Buda side, up the Castle Hill, it is a nice 2-4 hour programme (walking, panoramic photos, wine tasting, etc.).
19th century grandeur and world Heritage site, Andrássy út: another option is to take a walk on Andrassy Avenue (a few minutes walk or tram trip from your hotel): if you are interested in history (and Holocaust), you may find the House of Terror museum a unique experience, Parizsi Nagy Udvar has a huge bookshop and cafe, while Lukács cukrászda is one of the best confectionaries in Budapest. Andrássy is a long avenue leading up to the Heroes square and its attractions, but you can take a ride on the nostalgic underground, which runs under the avenue.

Hope this helps. Enjoy and relax in Budapest!

Thank you so much! We are very excited, your tips are fantastic, we will balance this with a few light meals and cafes and we can then afford the little luxuries!

Hey !
So, i am an 18 year old girl planning to spend 2 weeks in Hungary the end of this October 2012.I am going with a 21 yr old girl friend. What kinda of things would you recommend for girls our age to do ?
Actually….. can you give me an average price ( estimated in dollars) for the following:
a meal at a restaraunt
an admission price for a thermal bath place
let’s just say this….. how much money should we plan on taking for 2 weeks if we went and did something every day of the week ( 14 days)
I know it’s kind of a lot to ask, but i’d reaaaalllly appreciate the help !
Also, the weather? I’m from Ohio…. so do you think it’s any different for them in Hungary around October ?

OH ! Sorry, one more thing, whats the legal drinking/clubbing age there?

Hi Gabriella,
I think most importantly you should have fun in Budapest, right?
See our short list of some fun things to do in Budapest, Hungary here:
and some of the best bars and clubs here:
As two weeks is ample time to have fun you can also mix in some visits to attractions:

Prices may change until October pretty much looking at the current economic climate and currency changes, so I would rather not go into details about them in January if you travel in October. If still interested, I would recommend checking back to the site in Aug or Sep.
Meal prices can widely differ, from 2-3 USD to 2o-3o USD depending on where and what you eat (from cheap eateries to luxury restaurants). Bath entrance fees are around 1o-2o USD currently (again, depending on where you go).
I think I would calculate with about 4o-6o USD per day on an average budget for food and admission fees (but you can get a really really budget version of about 2o usd too if you want) – mind you public transport pass is not included, neither accommodation


weather in Hungary in October: Budapest seems to be very similar to Ohio regarding average temperatures in October (can be really friendly and sunny Indian summer or can be rainy windy and unwelcoming)
Budapest – between 46 – 61 F
Ohio between 42 – 64 F

legal drinking age is 18 in Hungary

Good planning and have fun in Budapest!

Hi there,
I’ll be in Budapest from 4-11 of february and I was wondering if I could see a hockey game while I’m there.
I’ve tried to find some useful infos online with no luck…
Any hint!

Hi Andrea, sorry, I do not know much about Hungarian ice hockey, so I was trying to find out about hockey matches in Budapest visiting the official Hungarian ice hockey website. Based on the league match tables I saw, I’m afraid there may not be hockey matches organized in Budapest in the time frame you have given, instead they are either in Dunaújváros or Székesfehérvár, two towns not so far from Budapest. Mind you, I am not sure I browsed the website ( and the English version is perfectly although I tried to be as thorough as I could. I think you’d better contact them at Good luck!
PS: if you like ice skating, there is a very nice open air artificial ice rink in Budapest, close to the city centre at Varosliget, the City Park (by Vajdahunyad Castle)

Thanks so much for your time and service you provide to us!

How can I book a 2 to 4 day cruise from Budapest. Inexpensive is best.

Hi Tdd, where would you like to cruise to? Anyway, there is a Budapest Vienna hydrofoil line run by Mahart Passnave
and there are further competitors in the market with similar tours to Vienna (if that is your destination)
a 4 night Budapest Vienna river cruise
some more googling gives more results – longer Danube cruises to the north and west as well as to the south:
We don’t have too much feedback about such river cruises yet, so please let us know how your Budapest river tour went. Have a nice cruise!


I will be coming to Budapest in June as part of a stag weekend(about 15 guys), can you recommend activities to do,where to go for such activities and best prices etc Also looking for good pubs and clubs to go to can you recommend good pubs and clubs that are reasonably priced.


Hi Robert, stag party guys may start with a lightweight pub crawling to warm up. Here are some nice pubs and clubs (general, not stag party focused): (Corvin teto, Szimpla, Pótkulcs, etc. are quite cool places, although the beers are not excellent, just standard)
Then you might be interested in a place called Studio Club on an island within Budapest, called Hajógyári Sziget (literally the Shipyard Island, and this is the venue the internationally acclaimed Sziget Festival, an idea for your next Budapest trip), i.e. Studio Club Hajogyari Sziget
There are some firms specializing in Budapest stag parties, you can take a look at the website to get some more ideas, ask for a free quote etc. (we are not affiliated in any way, we do not know them or their service quality. Shortly, we are not embracing them, but this is a relevant google search result).
Further companies and websites (sorry we are just a general Budapest tourist guide site) from the search results pages:
and just google for some more stag party tours if you want to compare more quotes.
Whatever your stag night will include, you can try to relax after the big farewell party at a cool thermal spa bath in Budapest: Szechenyi Bath is an excellent choice to get over the hangover and exhaustion. :)
And finally a black list of Budapest bars and clubs to avoid:
and a list of fun things to do (of the more innocent type):

Have fun!

Benjamin Spiteri.

Together with my wife and daughter, we are planning to visit Budapest from the 28th December till the 8th January and we were wondering if there are interesting places to visit including Christmas Markets, and if there would be any snow in the period of time we’ll be there considering that here in Malta we don’t find this type of weather. Secondly I would like to ask you if it is possible for us to catch a train from Slovenia or Austria to Budapest due that there aren’t any direct flights and we don’t fancy to catch to two planes.
I thank You very much for your help and I hope to hear from you very soon.

Benny, Malta.

Hello Benny,
there were 2 Christmas Markets in Budapest last year, 2011: the Christmas Market on Vorosmarty ter (the older, more traditional and well-known, and highly popular on Xmas Market top lists) and the other one by St Stephen’s Basilica (launched in 2o11).
Let’s start with more ideas for chilly winter times:
There is a good chance of snowing, but it is not a promise, of course. :) Anyway, you can check out the open air artificial ice rink in the City Park (by Vajdahunyad Castle) in Budapest – you can hire skates on the spot. If it snows, I would recommend taking a bus up to Normafa hill, have a strudel, enjoy a nice hike etc. if you are into nature too.
There are several New Year’s concerts in Budapest, the one at the Palace of Arts Budapest and at St Stephen’s Basilica are warmly recommended.
And taking a relaxing warm bath at Szechenyi Bath is not to be missed (open air baths with nice warm thermal water covered by a thick and dancing steam – fantastic experience)
In addition to the winter themed attractions above, you may wish to take a look at the top attractions in Budapest:
and depending on the age of your daughter you may be interested in Budapest family friendly programmes:
and / or the Fun activities in Budapest ideas:

Hi there,
We are a young couple(21) travelling to Budapest for the upcoming weekend(Fri-Mon). We would like a nice relaxed break and have included the usual sightseeing including castle hill and visiting Szechenyi Baths. What would be the best day to visit the baths?
Also we are unsure of places to eat and bars to go to. We would like to eat nice but not too expensive and same with bars. Preferably we would like to avoid the expected stag party bars. Where would you recommend? We are staying at the Sofitel Chain Bridge so we are quite central.

Many Thanks

Hi David, we are really sorry about missing the chance to reply your questions. Hope you had a nice time in Budapest and found some great bars with the help of the Sofitel concierge. Sorry again.

Wendy Brisbane Australia

Hi we are a group of 4 aussie traveling to Budapest in May and would like to know what the weather will be like.
Do we need warm clothes? We are staying at Art’otel and hope we have made a good choice for easy assess to
all of the great things to see.
Many thanks

Hello Wendy, the average weather in Budapest in May is actually very nice spring days scattered with rainy, breezy days. Almost half of the days in May are wet (averaging around 13 wet days per year). The temperature is not very hot, ranging from 8 degrees Celsius (mornings, evenings) with a peak time of 19-23 degrees (or in Fahrenheit: early morning low temperatures from 46 go up to 66-75 degrees F during the day). Depending on how you can put up with chillier mornings and evenings, I would recommend a cardigan / sweater and a waterproof coat to be on the safe side. Waterproof shoes (but comfortable for lots of walking, and breathable for warmer days) are also warmly recommended. Don’t be surprised if you are donning T-shirts all day and sun tan lotion: May can bring very sunny, summery days too.
Art’otel Budapest is very close to the city centre, but the river is separating it from the ‘happening side’ of Pest. That being said, you can take a very short walk to the M2 red line metro station on Batthyany square and will be in the city centre in no time (5-1o min by metro). Plus Art’otel is quite close to the Castle District and Hill which is in itself a one day programme: there will be a Brandy Festival (Palinka Fest) in the Castle district in May called Budapest Pálinka Festival, 5th-8th May 2012, plus a Gastronomical Festival called the Goose Liver Days in Buda Castle, from 20th to 22nd May (Hungary is one of the major goose liver producers, and the pate is really nice).
Some further things to see:
and fun to do:


I’m looking to surprise my Boyfriend with a trip to Burapest in April, for his birthday. I have provisional dates of 26/04/12 – 29/04/12, as I’m paying for it single handedly, can you advise any nice (but not cheap looking) central hotels, or even Hostels with private double rooms, to base ourselves for sightseeing by day and enjoying the nightlife also? Off the back of this with only have 3 nights provisonally, can you advise the sights we could perhaps “skip” around or admire on some sort of cruise and kill several birds with one stone?

I am keen to spend an afternoon at one of the baths, I’m also keen to get a massage whilst here too, can you reccomend anywhere that is mixed bathing?

I look forward to hearing from you, you’ve been most helpful on previous posts! =)

Hi Katie,
it’s a really cool birthday surprise we wish you the very best of time together in Budapest. :)
Budapest Hotels – I think you may just find amazing value for money looking at hotels. For instance,
The three star Budapest Panorama Central has a double room for the two of you in April (26-29) for 42 GBP on agoda (redirected from TripAdvisor if you give the planned date)
The hotel has currently more than 1oo reviews, averaging 4.5 out 5, so it really sounds a great hotel room deal, doesn’t it? ( did not have such great offers, and I assume the best offers are for the not so great hotel rooms though – still, it is a 3 star hotel and not a hostel, which should mean a better standard)
Another three star hotel in Budapest city centre could be a good option but they are fully booked for the period
Some cheap cheaper options for Budapest accommodation could be
‘Enter Privates’ hostel (no availability in the above period, but you are in the planning phase so it might be worth contacting them directly or trying to get a deal via
Aventura Boutique Hostel sounds very cheap too, and it is a hostel, but has several reviews from couples:
The Loft Hostel – very central hotel in Budapest with good prices and reviews
Oleander Hostel – very central hotel in Budapest with good prices and reviews
maybe Gradio Party Hostel

I hope at least one of them suits your needs and budget perfectly. :)

Bath – mixed bathing in Budapest is the best at Szechenyi Bath I think, or if you pick a weekend day it might be good to go to Rudas Bath too (both have massages)

Sightseeing in a speedy breeze style in Budapest is a sort of challenge, but there are two highly frequented tourist areas with lots of attractions close to each other: one of them is the Castle Hill and the other is the Heroes square – Andrassy Avenue neighbourhood. Here is our recommendation for a self guide tour for 3 days in Budapest:
But once on a budget tour in Budapest you could give a chance to one of the free guided tours (tourists really like them):
and see some of the free attractions in Budapest

Most of all, have fun!
ps: sorry, I needed to prioritize some emails to topbudapest where the trips take place in February.


My husband and I are traveling to Budapest from the US from March 14th thru the 24th. We have family to stay with, and are anxious to embrace my husbands heritage! We plan on using the subway system. Is it best to buy a daily pass or is a weeklong pass available? And is there a transportation pass that allows access on all the forms of public transport, ie city bus, subway, etc?

Hi Stacy,
indeed you can buy a weeklong Budapest pass which you can use on buses, streetcars, trolleybuses, subways and even the cogwheel railway. So yes, you can use it on all the subways (all 3 lines, for the full length) plus on all sorts of other public transportation wehicles in Budapest
The price of the weekly subway pass (and bus, streetcar, etc) is HUF 4,600
Here is the full list of tourist passes offered by BKV the Budapest Public Transport system

Does anyone have any experience using this company? for a stag party?

Hi Mark, we at topbudapest do not have any experience with the company above, but maybe a tourist can help you out.

I am traveling to Budapest by myself arriving in 3 weeks for 4 days just wondering is it safe at night to walk around

Hi Rechelle, in general, be cautious and act sensibly as Budapest is a city of two million people, e.g. there are pickpockets sometimes on crowded vehicles, or you just may be overcharged (accidently or not) at some restaurants. These are the most typical insults that tourists occasionally endure while staying in Budapest.
Avoid walking in unlit and deserted dark areas to be on the safe side. The city centre is pretty well lit e.g. Deak ter, Szabadsag ter, Andrassy ut etc. and there are usually people heading to a party or home, etc. even at 1-2 am. But if you should feel insecure, alone, or in any way vulnerable (e.g. after a good party, being tipsy a bit) do call a taxi to take you to your accommodation. District 8 in Budapest has a less safe character (the outer parts), and some streets at Keleti Railway Station can feature shady untrustworthy figures. You will see people loitering and homeless people taking shelter in some bigger subways.
In short, act sensibly just like in any big city ( it is not a good idea to take precious valuables with you, or be too revealing in your clothes at night, and wave huge stash of money, things like that). Try to stay in lit areas with more people you seem to like, stay responsible, and you should be OK, like almost every tourist in Budapest. :)
Hope this helps.

ps: there are very rare truly scary crimes which did happen in Budapest – e.g. in 2008, a young French student disappeared – heading home alone at about 2 am on the Chain Bridge according to the street cameras. Her body was found months later in the Danube. It is not to scare the hell out of you. But it is important to be accompanied, surrounded with sensible people late at night, and or travelling in a taxi.

We are arriving in Vienna in the end of June and going on an Avalon cruise from Budapest to Nuremburg leaving 25th – How can we get from Vienna to Budapest?? We are early fifties – What do you reccommend we see? What area should we stay? Cheers Glennys

Hello Glennys, I think the best way to get from Vienna to Budapest is by train – check out the Sparschiene tickets. More info about them here: Another option is to take a bus:
In general, I think there are really great attractions, but your preferences may help us help you better (rather than / in addition to your age): music, museums, cafes, wellness, shopping, market halls, dancing, jazz, quirky things, technological things, etc. What do you really enjoy doing and seeing? Would you like to go on a gastro or a wine tour for instance? In general, you can read about some of the best attractions in Budapest here:
There are hundreds of accommodation options in Budapest, Hungary, but maybe it makes the question easier if you can tell us what would you prefer: to stay closer to the city centre and most of the attractions in a busier and noisier part of the city (Pest side), or to be a bit further away from the hustle bustle and travel a bit more to see the attractions of Budapest (Buda side)?

Hello, I am taking my husband to Budapest on 10th march for 3 nights to celebrate his 50th birthday, Can u tell me is it better to stay on the Pest or Buda side. We enjoy history and culture and would also like to attend a concert or visit the opera can we buy tickets before we arrive??? thanks .

Hi Ann Marie,

based on your interests in history and culture, I assume that you museums do not overwhelm you, so let me suggest 2 historical and cultural museums: firstly, you may wish to go to the museum and memorial dedicated to the victims of the Communist and Nazi regime, the House of Terror Museum (the building was the former HQ of the secret police), which is one of the best museums in Budapest.
Secondly, the Museum of Fine Arts at the Heroes square has lots of rich collections, including Egyptian Art, Classical Antiquities, and thousands of paintings from the 13th-18th centuries (European painters).
There are high quality concerts at the Palace of Arts (Művészetek Palotája), at the Music Academy (Liszt Ferenc Zeneakadémia) and of course great performances at the Opera House in Budapest (Operaház). Here is the March programme for the Opera House:
You can buy tickets by clicking on the ‘ticket order’ under the day you pick (the link will take you either to another detailed page where you again need to click on ‘ticket’ on the right side, which this time (or directly for the first click) will lead you to a ticket vendor site called ‘jegymester’ in Hungarian as the Opera House sells tickets via a third party). Unfortunately Cosi fan tutte is pretty much sold out, very few seats left, there is camber concert though, or you can listen to the most beloved Hungarian opera, the historical romantic Bank ban (19th century opera),
Further attractions you may be interested in:
I would especially recommend the Castle Hill area
and the Art Nouveau walks, if you don’t mind walking (comfortable shoes are a must in Budapest)

As for the hotel site: the Pest side has usually more attractions but is noisier and livelier than the green, quieter Buda side. If you should decide to pick a hotel on the Buda side, try to choose a location close to a metro station (e.g. Batthyany square) to make your day trips smoother

Thanks you so much and I will get to work on sorting out tickets etc, This is a wonderful service, and I will let you know how we enjoyed your beautiful country. Thanksing you Ann Marie

Hi, we are visiting Budapest in July and would like to see an opera, but can’t find any info for July. Would there be any on there, or does the season close then?
Also, how hot will it be in mid July? Is it worth finding accommodation with air conditioning? We are from Australia, so we are fairly used to a hot Summer.
Thanks, Meg.

Hi Meg, I’m sorry to say that just like operas in general Budapest Opera House also has a summer break and is closed in July and August (or to be more precise, there are no performances) Last year, however, in Urania Film Theatre (a very nice building in itself, which is worth a visit I think) was running a Metropolitan opera show series (live performances shown on screen) all through the summer. This year’s (2012 opera year) performances are not on the official website yet but hopefully they will continue to show MET operas in the film theatre.
Official site of Urania movie theater is
Mid July is quite hot, especially in Budapest (green house effect), so temperatures can be 35-40 degrees Celsius. I think it would make any Budapest accommodation more appealing to have an optional AC available in the hotel room. But locals from Budapest, sleeping in their homes in warm and hot summer days will usually just open a window (if not on ground or first floor, or barred from the street if they live on the lower grounds) – including me, my friends, relatives, etc. So it is not a must I think, but to be on the safe side you can book a hotel room with air conditioning (and / or with windows that can be opened).
Hope you will enjoy Budapest (and take a dip in one of the lidos, pools, e.g. at Palatinus lido on Margaret Island to escape from extremely hot days)

i am visiting budapest in 7th of march and i am interested in visiting the labyrinth but one site says that the labyrinth is closed and the other says it is open?! Do you know which is true?
Thank you

Hi Kim,
I am very sorry to say that last July the government decided that the labyrinth should be state owned again and they simply closed down the Buda Labyrinth for good. Please check the official website:

hi, i am planning for one day trip to Budapest on 3rd march 2012, start from 00hrs to 19hrs….please give some info how to utilize maximum, and to cover all the tourist spots.

Hi Ravi, 1 day is indeed a short stay in Budapest, which is quite big and spread out regarding the attractions that are worth visiting ( However, you can squeeze out quite a lot from a speedy Budapest sightseeing tour in 24 hours.
There are two tourist hot spots with multiple attractions in Budapest, where you will feel that you have seen / done a lot:
you can take a quick look around the Castle Hill:
and there are a lot to see at the City Park, near and around the Heroes square: the square itself has a beautiful monument, sided by two museums, the mroe famous of which is the Museum of Fine Arts (, where you could kill easily 4-6 hours, so it is not ideal for your Budapest rush tour. But you can walk to Vajdahunyad Castle ( or even better, take a bath at Szechenyi Bath (and relax! if you can allow yourself some wellness time)
Personally, I think you will be better off if you only pick one of them: either the Castle Hill, the Danube views, the Parliament, and have some nice tea / coffee (or even a luxurious meal at Onyx on Vorosmarty square) OR the City Park with its famous buildings and taking a bath at Szechenyi (and massage, what have you). Have a good trip

Is it best to plan your trip so that you are in Budapest on the 15th March (National Day) or would it be better to not be in Budapest that day, as many things are closed?

Hi Sue, in view of recent Hungarian political disturbances, street demonstrations by the Parliament, political events on the Heroes square etc, etc. and also because some places are closed in Budapest on national holidays, I would not pick March 15 if I were you. But I am sure that you will find lots of good things to do even on March 15 if there are no more viable options for the trip.

Hi, I’m visiting Budapest next week,is there special event held next week ?
Oh I’m going alone is it safe to walk alone in the midnight ?

Hi Eidan,

safe walking? I think it is as safe as walking in any big city in Europe after 11 pm. Here’s my reply to another tourist:
Anyway, finally we have put together the Budapest March Event Guide (only a few suggestions:, so here are a couple of things between March 5 and 11, which I hope you will find enticing:

Night of Baths – hope you can make it on March 1o, as it sounds a lot of fun and something truly unique in Budapest
Flavors of Hungary Gastro Fair – Millenaris Park, Budapest, March 9 to March 11

Some music programmes:
Budapest Festival Orchestra concert conducted by Ivan Fischer – Bach, Bruckner concert at the Palace of Arts, Budapest, March 5 at 7:30 pm – classical music concert.
Esa-Pekka Salonen & the Philharmonia Orchestra Sibelius and Beethoven concert conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen at the Palace of Arts, Budapest, March 5 at 7:30 pm – classical music concert.
Sierra Maestra (Cuba) concert at the Festival Theatre of the Palace of Arts, Budapest, March 10 at 4 pm and 7:30 pm – world music, jazz concert.
Melanie Pain (Nouvelle Vague/FR) concert at A38 ship music club and restaurant in Budapest, March 10 at 8 pm – rock, world music, folk concert.
Stanton Warriors (Punks/UK) concert at A38 ship music club and restaurant in Budapest, March 10 at 11 pm – electronica concert.
Budapest Festival Orchestra concert conducted by Ivan Fischer – Bach, Bruckner concert at the Palace of Arts, Budapest, March 10 at 7:45 pm – classical music concert.

Bakos Rita Ackermann Exhibition at Ludwig Museum Budapest (until March 18)

National Holiday, March 15 – Hussar procession up to the Castle Hill to the Buda Castle, Budapest

I am bringing my partner to Budapest 9 March for just 4 days for his 50th Birthday. We are however pretty young at heart and want to pack as much as possible into our few days including somewhere special to eat on Saturday – his birthday. That included what would you say are the major things to do? And we assume we should be wrapping up warm! Is real fur OK in Budapest as a coat?

Hello Marianne,

I think some of the places to eat are excellent for celebrating birthdays, the question is cuisine, budget and location. Anyway, if you want to splurge, you could try one of the very best restaurants in Budapest (Michelin 1 star in the restaurant guide), Onyx Restaurant, which is very central, by Vorosmarty ter, close to the heart of Budapest, Deak square: You will need to book in advance (prices are high at Onyx, so do let me know quickly if you have something more moderate in mind)
(here are some further suggestions

Real fur could be OK, or maybe not … unpredictable I guess .. you could just as well bump into animal right activists or no-fur guys & gals. If you don’t want to worry about it, I think you had better leave your fur at home and bring some coat that is warm but breathable (and preferably water resistant).

Here are some of the highlighted things to do in about 3 days in Budapest:, which may help to put together your schedule: I think the Buda Castle with a wine tasting tour (in the castle) and a coffee and pastry at Ruszwurm is a nice option, as well as going to one of the baths (maybe on Saturday morning? Szechenyi Baths is easily available with M1 metro line and you could get him some rejuvenating and relaxing massage too, then head to the restaurant?). There are lots of nice romantic places to visit, if you don’t mind walking

Events from March 9 to 12, 2012 in Budapest, Hungary you may like:

foodie programme: Flavors of Hungary Gastro Fair Budapest, March 9 -11
design event, gift hunting: Design Fair, WAMP – Budapest Mar 11, 2012, Millenaris Park, Budapest.

Concerts, music events
Sierra Maestra (Cuba) concert at the Festival Theatre of the Palace of Arts, Budapest, March 10 at 4 pm and 7:30 pm – world music, jazz concert.
Melanie Pain (Nouvelle Vague/FR) concert at A38 ship music club and restaurant in Budapest, March 10 at 8 pm – rock, world music, folk concert.
Budapest Festival Orchestra concert conducted by Ivan Fischer – Bach, Bruckner concert at the Palace of Arts, Budapest, March 10 at 7:45 pm – classical music concert.

Exhibition: Bakos Rita Ackermann Exhibition at Ludwig Museum Budapest (until March 18)

You could go to a bar (maybe dance? depends on the day and the audience) at Old Man’s Pub in Akacfa street Budapest.

Happy planning and trip for a very happy birthday! :)

Hi ,
Me and my friend are planning One day visit to Budapest. What are the imporytant places can be visited within one day. KIndly provide some guidelines.

Thanks & Regards,

Anbarasu D

Hi Anbarasu, my first advice is if you can plan at least three days in Budapest, you will not regret it I think, because there are loads to see and do – enough for a week and more. But if you can only schedule a one day trip to Budapest, you can choose between 2 major options (in either case you will walk a lot, so don’t forget to bring really comfy shoes):
a, to run through 2 hot spots of Budapest where there are lots of attractions close to each other – and mostly see them from the outside
b, to go to one of the hotspots and enjoy its attractions and sights without a rush.
These two places are:
1, the Castle Hill and its surroundings, including the Buda Castle, the Fisherman’s Bastion, the Matthew’s Church, Cafe Ruszwurm, possibly a wine tour (which is inside the Hotel Hilton Budapest, and practically under the ground of the Castle Hill) if you are interested in wines, a quirky museum called Rock Hospital ( a secret Military Hospital and Nuclear Bunker), a walk down to the Chain Bridge and the Parliament – and if there is still time, walk along the river Danube, Vorosmarty square, Vaci utca shopping street and / or a spa bath at Rudas Bath or Gellert Bath (only mixed on given days, so check which may suit your plan) etc. Many of the above attractions in Budapest are part of the World Heritage Site.

2, the Heroes’ Square and its neighbourhood, including the Museum of Fine Arts, the Vajdahunyad Castle, the City Park, the Art Nouveau Zoo, the Szechenyi Bath with its famous thermal pools (mixed all days), the Andrassy Avenue (World Heritage Site) and some of the attractions along the avenue like the House of Terror Museum (in the former headquarters of the Secret Police), the Lukacs Confectionary and Cafe (quite pricey but worth it I think – at the corner of Andrassy and Izabella street), the Opera House, then back to the city centre towards Deak sqaure (Deák tér) to the St Stephen’s Basilica

If you choose to see all of them in a rush, you can try to combine the two sites into one day in Budapest – maybe a morning for the Castle to make beautiful photos of the panorama of Budapest and then an afternoon in the Heroes square and the park nearby.
Have a nice trip!

My fiancé and brother are taking my mother to Budapest during August 12-18. She was born and raised in Hungary and has not been back in about 40 years. I was wondering if you have any suggestions on where is should take here since I am sure there have been many changes in the last 40 years. As of now we are planning on staying in district VI. I know we definitely want to see the market so we can cook in the apartment, but please any suggestions would be wonderful. Especially anything that would really wow her e.g. a traditions Hungarian restaurant. I am going to explore the website but other suggestions are welcome. I thank you for your help in advance.

Hello Kate,
I have been thinking a lot about what it will be like for your grandma to come back to Budapest and see the city in the 70s or so through the present. Let us know what she commented, what she liked and disliked please. I assume she won’t like the many graffitis all over Budapest (most of them street signature rather than street art). But back to the questions.

Restaurants: I think there are mostly 2-3 kinds of ‘traditional Hungarian’ restaurants a local Hungarian would think of. One of them is the romantic / fake folk traditional, but also touristy with red and white table cloths, folk designs, Gypsy music, goulash soup and fish soup, sometimes dance performances and almost exclusively tourists. These are the sort of entertaining restaurants (more or less from ‘Mulatós csárda’ to Vendéglő in Hungarian). The other ‘traditional Hungarian’ is the fin de siecle glamorous Budapest restaurant with sophisticated Art Nouveau furniture, classy music and European style dining and services. The former could be the noisy merry countryside version, the latter the more moderate urban version. The third one is the cheap lunch canteen version (maybe formed during the communist regime), which is more like a take away restaurant than a ‘restaurant’ (étkezde for lunch time instead of étterem for lunch, coffee or dinner). These days, to be honest, the really successful restaurants in Budapest are not the traditional ‘magyaros’ restaurants but the more contemporary and stylish gastro design restaurants (a subjective viewpoint). I think you will need to find out what your granny feels closer to herself in order to make her feel ‘back to Budapest’. There are very few restaurants in between the 2-3 genres. Personally I would recommend taking her to a nice Budapest restaurant which is classy but not too posh. Or she could be interested in what a posh restaurant these days in Budapest looks like with luxurious interior, exquisite meals and silverware … There are just so many tastes.

Anyway, here is a list of some of the Budapest restaurants your Hungarian grandmother and you may like:
Traditional & Folkish – but both locals and tourists like Paprika Restaurant on Dozsa Gyorgy ut – (big portions at affordable prices
Traditional & Touristy: the fake folk, colourful and mostly touristy restaurants with spicy and heavy traditional Hungarian cuisine (stews, sausages, etc.). In all probability, one of the most popular places is Szeged Vendeglo next the Hotel Gellert by the Liberty Bridge (Szabadsag Hid). If I had some guests I wouldn’t take them there, but some of the tourist reviews seem genuinely impressed by both the food, the gypsy band etc.

Traditional & Classy: there are very good local and tourist reviews about Márgál restaurant, a small, nice place close to the city centre:
some of the English reviews here (and there are many in Hungarian, which is a really good sign, as Hungarians tend to eat less at restaurants and be very and openly critical).
Further traditional foods at widely popular places with a more modern French style interior – the interior is less traditional than the menu – with great or good reviews:
Tigris Restaurant
Bock Bistro (frequently on the various top restaurant lists)
Comme Chez Soi
BorsSo Bistro
the traditional and Jewish Rosenstein is again much loved by both locals and foreigners:
or the considerably cheaper and less formal place called

And finally 2-3 places to splurge on, tiny portions, some Hungarian features hidden in modern interpretations, big international dining awards (Michelin, etc.) and big bills: Onyx Restaurant and Costes Restaurant – I think they would be more loved by real foodies though. But maybe your granny wants to see what are the top places in today’s Budapest. The third place is called Gundel, one of the most famous restaurants in Budapest for many many decades, even during the socialist regime (most celebrities and famous guests were taken there to try the Hungarian cuisine). It is past its old glory, and several reviews show that the quality of the foods, service etc. is uneven but maybe your granny will be happy to see it again (me and my family ate there last year and our conclusion was that we could have spent the money better elsewhere) (but the older generation would definitely enjoy at least a coffee there on a fine day in August on the open air terraces).

what immediately jumped into my mind is the New York Cafe – a luxurious cafe which has been restored to its former glory (now part of the 5 star Boscolo Hotel Budapest):, and likewise the Gresham Palace (now the Four Seasons Hotel Budapest)
historically, if your grandmother loves history and wouldn’t mind showing you the hard times in Hungary: the Museum of Terror
for old time’s sake: one of the beautiful thermal baths: Gellert Bath (only Sundays are fully co-ed):
or Szechenyi Bath (always mixed)
the Buda Castle is a must see place – the best panoramic views from the Fishermens Bastion:
and if your grandmother loves opera the Opera House
and for walking: the Margaret Island
see more attractions here:

Have a nice trip to Budapest!

I will be traveling with my daughter to Budapest in May, We will be staying at the Hotel Hastal. Can you give some ideas about restaurants and shopping in that area…also what it the Hotel Close to..
Thank you so much!

Not Hastal, the Cotton Club Hotel…

Hello Lily, your hotel Cotton Club Hotel (also known as Cotton House Budapest) is in Jokai street – Jókai utca – in the 6th district of Budapest, in a very good central location in the happening area. Mind you, there are several Jokai streets in Budapest in other districts, so if you should give directions to taxi drivers, it might be a vital information (e.g. TripAdvisor interactive map misplaced the location of Cotton Club Hotel, way out of the city centre in another district).

Good restaurants close to Jokai street in the 6th district, nearby Cotton House Budapest are:
Cafe Bouchon
Ristorante Krizia
Klassz Restaurant
Menza Restaurant
Ket Szerecsen Restaurant
Balettcipo Restaurant

Shopping in the 6th district of Budapest

There are many boutiques and shops all along the Grand Boulevard which consists of several smaller sections called ‘körút’ (literally boulevard). The section closest to Cotton Club Hotel (also known as Cotton House Budapest) is Teréz körút. If you want to see some more chic and elegant shops you can walk to Andrassy ut (another boulevard, which is also a World Heritage Site in Budapest and is much like the boulevard in Paris).
Another street with peculiar little boutiques and shops is Kiraly street (Király utca), also quite close to your accommodation. Kiraly utca runs parallel with Andrassy ut.
Alternatively, you could go to a big mall nearby which is full of international big brand shops as well as some Hungarian ones, cafes, restaurants, etc. The West End shopping mall is at Nyugati train station, within walking distance.
In any case, both shopping and sight seeing takes a lot of walking in Budapest, so comfortable shoes are warmly recommended.

Attractions in the 6th district, within walking distance of your hotel:
Opera House, Budapest in Andrassy avenue (Andrássy út), and once there you could have a coffee / tea at the Muvesz Cafe (Művész Kávézó)
The building of Nyugati Train Station was designed by the Eiffel design office (a beautiful glass and steel construction)
House of Terror Museum in Andrassy avenue (Andrássy út)
more attractions in Budapest:

Thank you so much!! This information will be so helpful..We are very excited!!


Im a 26 year old guy from America, and I will be in Budapest for a weekend on April 13, and 14 this year with 3 other guys my age. We are looking to have a good time, party, eat good food, and see some cool stuff. I’m definitely interested in going to a sparty, but don’t know which one is the best and if there will even be a sparty while we are there. Please help me come up with a fun itinerary..

I also would like advice for picking a good hostel. We want a private 4 room spot for a reasonable price in an area that is walking distance to all the clubs/bars/restaurants that we will be going too. Please help me plan this awesome trip. Budapest is definitely somewhere I want to visit, and I convinced my group to spend a weekend there. We want to have a great time, be safe, and have our money go a long way.


P.S. also, if there is any kind of Armenian community or culture in the area, we would love to check it out.

Hi Sev,
hope you will have a nice spring get away in Budapest in mid April (good weather is just as likely as chilly, windy, wet days so prepare for both regarding clothes and programmes).
A sparty in Budapest would have been one of the top options for you guys (and I am sure you would have totally enjoyed it). But, as far as we know, Budapest spa parties only start in July, here’s a quote from the official Facebook of Cinetrip and Water Circus sparties: “Spring is here, birds are singing, they are chattering that Szecska, the open-air tune-spa will be running all through the summer – from July till
September – and there will be a huge Cinetrip WaterCircus sparty on 4th August 2012. Further details soon!”
The annual Night of Baths special evening is just over so it seems that May in Budapest will go away without a spa party. Nevertheless, you can still go to Rudas Baths on Friday and Staurday night from 10 pm to 4 am when mixed night bathers enjoy the pools in Rudas Furdo. If there should be any changes regarding the sparty calendar I will keep you posted.

Here are some fun things to do in Budapest:
eat good food:
(maybe a location or cuisine you prefer?)
April Event guide

Hostels in the happening area of Budapest are abundant. Some of them are very central (please check if they have four individual rooms available to you in mid April), but most of them do not have 4 individual bedrooms. Try Connection Guest House ( they seem to have five rooms. Or you can try other popular hostels and apartments in Budapest like the Maverick Hostel, Golden Stars Budapest Apartments (only two rooms in an apartment), Entre Amis Apartments Budapest (they have several downtown apartments, e.g. XXL apartment has 3 seperate rooms), Home Made Hostel (2 double rooms, and the rest is dorm rooms), Corvin Point Rooms and Apartments Hostel, Town Hall Apartments (they have a 2 bedroom, a 1 bedroom and a studio apartment / dowtown Budapest), Lord Apartments (again, they have a 2 bedroom, a 1 bedroom and a studio apartment / dowtown Budapest), Nova Apartments (various apartments with 1br, 2 br, studios but not 4 br), All-4U Apartments (1 or 2 bedroom apartments), Casa de la Musica (only 2 private rooms).

There are approx 30,000 Armenians living in Hungary (I don’t know how reliable the wikipedia article is in this case) and there is an honorary consulate in Budapest. There is an Armenian Catholic church at the following address 1117 Budapest, Orlay u. 6.
Hope this helps
Have a nice trip and

Do you know if pregnant can go into the hot baths?

Hi Van, as far as we know hot water is specifically not recommended / counter advised to pregnant women in the first trimester as it may cause miscarriage. In the other two trimesters it is less dangerous but still not a good idea (you should not go into water whose temperature is higher than your body temperature, i.e. over 36 degrees), it depends on several factors e.g.
is the cervix still closed – only your doctor knows, consult with her/ him
are you usually OK in swimming pools, not catching anything (some women are more prone to get infections than others)
is the bath / pool you have picked of general herbal composition or are some of the elements harmful for the baby? Contact the bath management to find out.
To be on the safe side, we do not encourage pregnant mums to go to thermal baths and neither do most of the Hungarian ob gyn doctors we have heard from.

We’re going on The Great Rally 2012 ( and one of the stop-overs is Budapest. I know you’ve touched the topic but can you give any more detail on the clubs and bars? There are venues arranged by the rally organisers but we would like to keep on going through the night if we can!

Hello James, there are hundreds of bars and clubs in Budapest. I don’t quite see what you mean by more details in addition to our general guide:

What sort of bars, clubs are you interested in? Any music or location or price preferences? etc.

Hi, I am coming to Budapest for the first time with a friend of mine over easter. I was wondering if there were any special easter activities or in general any events happening in the city over this time.

We are both female and in our mid-twenties. We are going to be staying at the intercontinental hotel which I have heard is in a great location?

Also if you have any tips on non-touristy good restaurants in the area that would be great, and any street art tours? if these exist?

Many Thanks

P.s I am so happy I came across your site. I think you’re providing a fantastic service to help others and I look forward to your reply.

Hello Sarah,
some of the major Easter programmes in Budapest are enlisted in the April Event Guide:
if street art equals Graffiti (sorry, let me know if it means more), there are some Graffiti art tours (I think given by a guy called Julius)

Hotel Intercontinental is very much in the city centre in an excellent location, and most restaurants in the city centre will have lots of tourists too. That being said, there are very good restaurants in the neighbourhood, loved by locals and tourists alike:
first of all the top of the pops, Onyx is a Michelin star restaurant, and the prestigious award was well earned – the restaurant is on Vorosmarty ter, dinners are quite pricey, but book a table for a lunch for an affordable high quality menu. Its style is formal though, so if you want to go to a more relaxed place, try the hugely popular Tigris Restaurant in Merleg street. Almost next to it you will find the Salaam Bombay – if you like Indian food
You can get more traditional Hungarian meals in a simple but tasteful interior: Cafe Kor (Café Kör) or maybe the nearby Mokka Cafe is also a viable option. Borkonyha (‘Wine-kitchen’) is an a great place for wine lovers.
family friendly tex-mex style in Iguana Restaurant, Budapest To get some Italian lunch, try Pomo D’Oro in Arany street.
To get some nice Hungarian desserts, go to the ‘First Strudel House of Pest’ in a street called ‘Oktober 6. utca’ (yummy!)
Cheers, Anna

Hi there,

I’m off to Budapest this weekend. A friend and myself would love to do a Danube cruise at night.

However, all the night cruises I find are available only from April onwards. Would you know where to go in order to find one now? (no dinner required).

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hi Gunnar, yep, unfortunately most river tours on the Danube launch in April in Budapest. This site is advertising night tours (from 9 pm) in March too (the prices are steeper though, 5 300 HUF / person includes the tour and a glass of wine / champagne, beer – your choice):
Let us know if it was good. Have a nice tour!

Hi, I am going to Budapest for 4 days over Easter with my boyfriend. We are staying at Gerlóczy hotel. Is this in a good location?

Can you please advise of good restaurants to check out that serve good Hungarian food and wine. Can you also please recommend some good bars? We are keen to check out some Ruin Bars or interesting bars that are unique to Budapest locals etc. We hate eating and drinking in tourist hot spots!

We are also perhaps interested in doing a bike tour and then maybe a culinary tour. Can you please recommend some options?

Also, is there any major tourist sites that we should note that might be closed over the easter period? I.e. Will Buda castle be open on Sunday?

Thank you for your help in adance,


Hello Jennifer,
Gerloczy is in an excellent location, very central, in a small square (you won’t have a river view, which is at the luxury hotels, but you will still have a very nice location). Gerloczy itself is a very good cafe and restaurant with nice breakfast options, Hungarian foods and wines. But of course there are several other options and we encourage you to try as many as you can. :)
Take a look at some of the best Hungarian restaurants in Budapest (most of them are mixed, not only Hungarian). You shouldn’t miss the most delicious cakes in Budapest: try Auguszt Cafe at Astoria (or the one behind Mammut shopping mall on the Buda side) or Cafe Ruszwurm in the Buda Castle or the ‘First Strudel Bar in Pest’ in a street called Oktober 6, close to the city centre and Deak square (Deák tér is where all metro lines meet). Yummy! really, shamelessly.
Ruin bars are a great idea! They are usually more alternative, artistic and peculiar in their interior design and in the regulars too. Much favoured by locals and tourists alike! Some of the places we recommend (check the opening hours please):
Corvin Teto (closed on Sun, open from Tue to Sat) – nice place to dance at too
Szimpla (this is the first and most popular place, open all week)
Gondozo kert (open all week) (no website only FB site)
but there are many more, some pics here:
Kertem is a good pub in the City Park, if the weather is good and you are near Heroes square (Hosok tere) and the Szechenyi Baths
The most popular and highly rated culinary tours in Budapest are probably the Budapest Market tours, there are some nice Budapest wine tours too (usually with optional foods with the wines, please, check with the tour organizers), and cooking classes sound a great fun, like the one offered by Chefparade cooking school or Culinary Hungary Home (of course, you can eat what you make and it is the point too) – think of it as a city, cultural and cooking tour (in English, of course).
bike tours in Budapest

Buda Castle will not be closed at all, it will have spectacular Easter processions! See more here:
(several museums are open at bank holidays, but closed on Mondays)

I am a student traveling on my own to Budapest April 9th. I was wondering what areas of the city you would recommend getting a hotel or youth hostel in. Which areas of the city are more on the safe side? Are there areas I should avoid? Is the metro ok to go on by myself at night? I have travelled to big cities on my own in the past – New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, do you think Budapest is comparable to these cities in terms of safety, especially for single women?
Thank you!

Hi Tori, Budapest is pretty spread out and mostly safe, so which areas (or ‘districts’ – kerület as it is called in Hungarian) you pick is really up to your preferences.
If proximity and buzzing night life is a priority on your Budapest travel list, aim for ‘5. kerület’ district 5, where Deák tér is the square where all 3 metro lines meet and you can get to very many parts of the city literally in a few minutes (5-15 min)
The most central areas in Budapest with lots of things to do and see is district 5 (but the famous Castle is on the Buda side, district 1, while the other major group of attractions is next to the City Park (district 14 – districts or areas are indicated by Roman numbers, so it is XIV).
Even if you decide not to stay in downtown Budapest, it is worth booking a room near a metro station to make your trip more streamlined.
The big ‘no-no’ district used to be district 8 (only the part of the district further away from the river Danube, and outside the Grand Boulevard called körút in Hungarian), about 5-1o years ago or so, but recent urban developments, and social changes in the area are making district 8 in Budapest more and more mainstream for tourists.
Take a look at the Google Maps: district V (district 5), district VI (district 6) should be perfect on the Pest side, while district 1 is the calmer Buda side (but still a lot to do).
The metro is usually fine (approx. 23:24 is the last train on M2, 23:16 for M3, 23:2o for M1 – depending on which direction you wish to go, after that the metro stations are closed down until about 4:3o) , in our experience even late night trains are used by several other passengers, especially on Fri and Sat night, which are the party nights. There are sometimes football matches when the fans gather together and chant like hell, but most of the time people travel and there are no commotions. Yes, I would venture to say that ‘yes Budapest could be quite well compared with LA or NY or Paris safety-wise’, act sensibly, stay in well lit places where several other ‘good-looking’ passengers travel with you, don’t just follow strangers (advice or offers), unless you have well founded reason to believe that you can trust them. Hope this helps. Have a nice trip to Budapest!

Great ideas. I would also recommend the labyrinth underneath the castle district. The fountain of wine is so unique!

Hi Kristin, thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, the labyrinth under the Buda Castle Hill was closed down (the government decided to make the place state owned again).

Hi, We(2) are arriving at Budapest 16th April 2012 for 5 nights, what would be the best 5 star hotel to stay in?, We had booked into Buddha Bar Hotel but its not going to be finished :-( , What would we expect weather wise?

Hi Darren, I think the best five star hotel in Budapest regarding its location must be the Four Seasons Hotel, which is in a historical Art Nouveau building called Gresham Palace – very very central, yet romantic, luxury rooms and suites looking over the river Danube, the Castle on the Buda Hill, the Fishermans Bastion, the Chain Bridge, etc. In addition to its location, currently this is the only 5 star hotel in Budapest with top notch ratings (5 out of the max 5) given by actual hotel guests on the buzzing Trip Advisor travel site:

Weather in mid April is absolutely capricious, anything from 5 C degrees chilly weather with rain and wind to 25 Celsius degrees dry sunny spring days.


I’m planning a trip with my girlfriend to Budapest next week (Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday). We’ll be staying at Hotel Central 21 at Maria utca. Is that a good location?

I’ve already started to plan the trip, doing a city sightseeing tour with Giraffe Hop op and off buses. Would you recommend doing the Szencheyi baths in the morning or in the evening? and would you recommend doing a cruise on the danube or is that something you can do if you’ve got enough time on your hands?
what other things would you recommend?
looking forward to hearing from you!

Hi Bocadillos,
Hotel Central 21 is in a nice location in Budapest, it is quite central, which is great for Budapest attractions, and there are many 19th century buildings (check with google streetview).

As far as I know Hotel Central 21 itself is in an old building with privately owned flats / apartments on all the floors in the building except for the 2nd floor, where Central 21 rooms are. Don’t miss the building, it is the hotel indeed. :)
Some reviews remarked that the double rooms seem larger in the photos than in real life.

Szechenyi Baths – I think there are pros and cons for the morning and the afternoon or evening sessions too (personally I would go later, to enjoy the starlit sky and the night lights – Szechenyi Bath is open until 1o pm). In the morning, it is a good way to refresh after the night (maybe the day of your tiring journey) and get hungry (water always makes us hungry somehow) then have a nice lunch. In the afternoon, it is nice to relax after the long walks in the city of Budapest and then have a dinner somewhere (see tips for Budapest restaurants here) – some of them are on Andrassy avenue, relatively close to the Szechenyi Baths, and there are loads on Liszt Ferenc ter (get off the M1 metro at Oktogon from Heroes square). If you plan to discover Budapest on foot, I would go for the afternoon bath (even though it may mean – depending on your preferences and if you go back to the hotel during midday – that you will need to carry along the bath stuff).

Yep, a Danube cruise in Budapest is really nice, romantic, spectacular (World Heritage site) and slowly moving (some cruises offer lunch, dinner, buffet and even music entertainment but there are purely simple river cruises too)
What other things to do we recommend in Budapest in addition to the above top ten things to do? It usually depends on what you tell us you are interested in. :) But with a girlfriend we would recommend the Romantic Budapest things to do as well as the Fun things to do in Budapest. Current events for April are here, see if there is something you like at the weekend (the city is really buzzing on weekends, and now spring is here so there is nothing to stop you!):

Have a beautiful weekend in Budapest, Hungary (and sorry about the last minute reply, we are literally flooded with emails)


I am coming to budapest with family and children(2 years). I will be staying 2 days in budapest. Can you suggest some good children visiting places and also top places to visit in budapest.


we have a short list of family friendly things to do and see in Budapest
while the most beautiful attractions in Budapest are available here.
Are both of the children 2 years old?
I think my top options would be (depending on the weather too) (and based on my 21 month old daughter’s interests)
outdoor, for sunny days in Budapest: the Castle Hill and the Buda Castle, the Budapest Zoo (lovely Art Nouveau buildings, decent little zoo)(by the City Park where there are ducks in the artificial ponds), the Vajdahunyad Castle (by the City Park), Dagaly spa and pools or Palatinus pools (an open air lido on the Margaret Island), Margaret Island – hire a family bike cart and take a walk to the petting zoo (a free, tiny zoo on the island) and there is a nice play ground there too, maybe the Amusement Park (next to the Zoo and the Budapest Circus). The Budapest Children Train is quite off the city centre in the beautiful Buda Hills, but it is worth the ride there I think – see Budapest Gyermekvasut
indoor, for rainy days in Budapest: the Budapest Zoo, the Palace of Wonders in the Millenaris Park (Buda side, the Millenaris is a big cultural centre – with outdoor fairs, concerts too), the National Circus (the circus has a permanent building by the Zoo), the Museum of Transport (in the City Park), Hungarian Natural History Museum (on Ludovika square, M3 metro line, Klinikak metro station) Opening hours: 10 a.m to 5 pm, Closed on Tuesday

Have a nice time with the kids in Budapest! :)

I am visiting Budapest with my mother and we are staying at Star Inn (Centrum). Are we walking distance to good places to eat? See? Also we are interested in wine tours, where are the best ones? And where should we book the dinner cruise for the Danube? Another interest was the Jewish quarters, any advice on good restaurants? We will be all day in Budapest April13 and 14.

Thanks in advance for any help.

No one has answered my question. :(

Hello Chiara,

the Hotel Star Inn (Centrum) in Budapest is in a good location, you can check it on our interactive Budapest map with all the major attractions and good restaurants here (your hotel is in the middle, halfway between Nyugati train station and Oktogon square):,19.059691&spn=0.007494,0.01929
You have excellent connections (M1 metro, and the number 4-6 tram which is running along the grand boulevard), and the Budapest attractions nearby are the Budapest Opera House, the House of Terror Museum on Andrassy avenue, the Hungarian House of Photography in Nagymezo street, the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, etc. Major attractions will be easily available with the metro at Oktogon (M1, a pretty little nostalgic metro) – a couple of stations and minutes and you are at either Heroes square, Szechenyi Baths, Vajdahunyad Castle etc. or towards the Danube you can get to Vorosmarty square (Cafe Gerbeaud) and with a 2 minute walk to the Danube riverbank (Chain Bridge, the Hungarian Parliament, etc.)

You can find nice restaurants withing walking distance of your hotel (again, shown on the map above with a fork and knife)
Cafe Bouchon Restaurant, Krizia Restaurant (Ristorante Krizia), Balettcipo Restaurant (Balettcipő), Klassz Bistro (Klassz Bisztró), Ket Szerecsen Coffee House and Bistro in Budapest (Két Szerecsen Étterem), to mention but a few. More restaurants in Budapest here:
Probably the best wine tour is in the Castle district, in the World Heritage site – offered by Faust Wine Cellar – see Budapest wine tours here:
To book a dinner cruise for the Danube you need to pick which company you would like to go to. Some are here:
In the Jewish quarters you can find kosher and non kosher restaurants too.
Kádár Étkezde (Kadar Eatery) is a lovely little place from the socialist decades, still working, still great food, but not a fancy place, kind of retro.
Koleves Restaurant (Kőleves) and Spinoza Restaurant are quite popular in the Jewish Quarters. For Kosher meals in Budapest go to Hanna Orthodox Kosher Restaurant.
Fausto’s Ristorante (Fausto’s Étterem) offers Italian cuisine, and so does Osteria Fausto’s Restaurant.

Have a nice trip to Budapest!

PS: sorry about the late reply, during the holidays our volunteer team is focusing more on family life, but we should probably set up a fee paying service for urgent questions. I think we could do that to avoid disappointment.

Thank you so for all the detailed information!!!!!!

Can someone please tell me since I will be visiting Budapest on the 1st of may I am aware that the shops are closed but does any one know if the museum and the castle hill is closed too?

I would really like to plan on trip around it…thanks!!!

Hi Rida, while most shops in Budapest are closed on national holidays like May 1 Labour Day in Hungary, many museums are still open e.g. the Museum of Fine Arts on Heroes square (Hősök tere) (but because it is open on May 1, it will be closed on May 2, Wednesday) or the Museum of Ethnography on Kossuth square (Kossuth tér), Ludwig Museum Budapest – contemporary art museum – open from 1o am to 8 pm, etc.
Likewise, the Castle Hill attractions will also be open on the 1st of May, Tuesday in Budapest.

If you want to buy some groceries, there are some shops that are open all year round, no matter what, even on bank holidays: they are called ‘nonstop’ shops (we use the word nonstop in Hungarian for this 24/7 category)

I have booked a 3 day trip to Budapest for myself, husband and 14 year old Grandaughter. We will be arriving Wed evening 18th April 2012. I have arranged the general walking tour for us on the Thursday morning, but need suggestions as to what else we can all do. We are staying at the Sofitel Chain Bridge hotel, room only and I need the name of a good place to eat breakfast for us all, which is very near to the hotel and is not costly, and also somewhere nearby for evening meals that aren’t expensive. I also wondered what clothes we need to bring because of the weather? Many Thanks!

Hello Rushelle, hopefully you will have nice weather in mid April Budapest (it could be freezing or hot too, so please bring layered water resistant clothes, e.g. a thinner cardigan plus a thicker one and a waterproof hooded jacket should be fine for upper garments, comfy water repellent shoes and trousers, plus a couple of T shirts or jerseys) and can enjoy both indoor and outdoor events, tours in our beautiful Hungarian capital.
As 3 days is quite short, I think the best for you all will be not to try to rush through all major attractions in Budapest, which is quite spread out.
A walking tour is an excellent idea. Budapest invites you for a lot of walking (the city is quite flat on the Pest side, and hilly valley on the Buda side) – you will see how much you wish to walk without getting exhausted. I would recommend mixing walking with relaxing e.g.
optional things to do
eating at nice places (see below), here just let me add that Budapest is a city of cakes, wonderful cakes and pastries at some excellent cafe or ‘cukrászda’ (confectionary), and the cake ‘flodni’ (traditional Jewish cake) is really something you should try
taking a spa bath if your granddaughter is over 14 she will enjoy a bath at Szechenyi Baths with you for sure – it is really relaxing and fun, the bath is mixed and open until 1o pm, very close to the Heroes square and a bunch of important Budapest sights, like the Hungarian Museum of Fine Arts, the Vajdahunyad Castle, the Budapest Zoo, etc.)
visiting the Central Market Hall (something like a more humble version of the Covent Garden)
and the Castle Hill with a bunch of the best of Budapest attractions like the Fishermans Bastion, the Buda Castle with beautiful statues and views over the Pest side and the Danube, Cafe Ruszwum (19th century cafe), and the Matthias Church

Further options are quite up to your granddaughter’s interests assuming you have general interests (arts, history, culture, gastronomy).
Does she like history? Maybe you could try and see the Rock Hospital Museum (former cold war bunker) under the Buda Castle built into the Castle Hill. Statue Park (Szoborpark) is an open air permanent exhibition of the former gigantic street statues from the socialist regime (about 1-1 hour from and back to the city centre, which may not be your best option in such a short span of time. Nevertheless, it is a nice and unique way to let her peep behind the iron curtain in a soft way). The most popular historical museum, the House of Terror, might be a bit too shocking and gruesome for her age – the museum is about the Nazi and Fascist regime with real life interrogation rooms, etc. – powerful and educational.
As for art, I think the Museum of Fine Arts is your best option for bad weather (by Heroes square) – something like the British Museum on a much smaller scale, of course. The nearby Vajdahunyad Castle is a great option for fair weather – a ‘fusion building’ from 1896 made up of various buildings featuring all kinds of architectural styles (medieval, romantic, etc.) – currently functioning as the Museum of Agriculture.
Should you have energy at around 7pm, try to get a few tickets (balcony tickets are ridiculously cheap) at the Budapest Opera House – beautiful building, and hopefully a nice performance.
I don’t think it makes sense to offer more for your 3 day stay in Budapest, but let me know, if you should have special interests.

Breakfast places close to Sofitel Chain Bridge Hotel, Budapest:
breakfasts (in a price range of 5-12 GBP): as number one, I would recommend Cafe Gerloczy (5-8 min walk from Sofitel Hotel Budapest), or a strudel place – about 1o-15 min walk – Rétesház (First Strudel House, which offers continental and Hungarian style rural breakfasts – but probably not English breakfast), Két Szerecsen is further away, about 15 min walk (but you can take the M1 for 1 stop to cut it shorter), which serves quite good English breakfast I hear, Cafe Central – approx. 15 min walk – is a nice airy bright restaurant and cafe with good breakfasts. Lastly, Fruccola Breakfast place (on Kristof ter) is the best option for a real bargain English breakfast (about 3-4 GBP), approx. 8 min walk from your hotel by the Chain Bridge.

Nice restaurants nearby the Sofitel Chain Bridge Hotel, Budapest:

Onyx Restaurant on Vorosmarty ter (1 star in the Michelin guide, currently the best restaurant in Hungary, worth visiting for an affordable (!) lunch menu
Salaam Bombay Indian restaurant – closest to the Sofitel Hotel Budapest
Cafe Kor in Sas street Budapest – Hungarian and international cuisine
Cyrano Restaurant
Cafe Central (see at the breakfast places too)

Have a nice trip to Budapest!

Thank you for the info, a great help!

Looks great! Can’t wait to visit Budapest… the Spas/baths are so iconic and i bet a really unique experience. I also hear the Danube River/Bend is beautiful… thanks for the post great info!

Hello Dear,

I am planning to take my husban to Budapest for his birthday, I would like to take his for dinner to a Hungarian Restaurant, if it’s possible with a nice viwe, any recomendation? Thanks a lot.

Hello Dear,

I am planning to take my husban to Budapest for his birthday, I would like to take him for dinner to a Hungarian Restaurant, if it’s possible with a nice view, any recomendation? Thanks a lot.

Hello Linda, I think there are 2 truly exclusive and gourmand restaurants that would deserve to be a special birthday restaurants in Budapest, but neither of them has a beautiful view (Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace used to have a nice restaurant but they decided to run a cafe instead of a proper luxury restaurant):
both of these culinary establishments have a 1 star rating in the world famous Michelin restaurant guide, and dinners are quite expensive (booking needed): Budapest Michelin restaurants:
Onyx Restaurant Budapest, and Costes Restaurant Budapest
That being said, we would also recommend some of the other nice places to eat: e.g. in the Castle area Cafe Pierrot, which is in itself romantic, or the river Danube. Maybe A38 ship (music club and) restaurant: we think the food is not spectacular, but the design and the views are nice, basically the restaurant is on a ship on the Danube with nice views (there are several Danube cruises with dinners available too – if you like the idea).
Some of the really good restaurants (no views either, but probably lovely and enjoyable for a birthday dinner):
Chez Daniel French restaurant
Ristorante Krizia Budapest
Fausto’s Restaurant in Szekely Mihaly street Budapest
Klassz Bistro
Happy celebration in Budapest! :)

Thank you so much for your help, I like the idea of dinner on the Danube:-)) Really appreciate it ;- ).

Just wanted to let you know that your website and answers have been so informative and helpful. I am coming to Budapest with a friend next week (saturday- Tuesday) and you have really helped us plan our trip.

We just wondered how much of Budapest will be closed on 1st and are there any special events planned that day (we leave at 17.50).

Also are vegetarians well catered for in most resaurants or would we have to go to a specialist restaurant. We like the idea of tasting some traditional Hungarian food.

Once again thank you for all the advise you have given and don’t worry if you don’t get a chance to reply before we leave, I realise we have left it quite late.
Elizabeth and Jo

Hi Elizabeth, thank you, we are glad to help for Budapest tourists.
May 1 is a national holiday in Budapest, which – regarding opening hours – means that:
banks and shops are closed,
but museums, and cultural centres are open
restaurants are I think either following the shops or the museums – some are closed others let hungry folks celebrate in the restaurants – it is really up to each restaurant’s policy.
Special events for May 1 Labour Day? Sure, anything that is bigger and greener – parks, islands, like the City Park (Varosliget), Elisabeth square (Erzsebet ter), Margaret Island (Margitsziget) will have open air concerts, and lots of people enjoying the holiday by either bringing their own picnic baskets or most of them ‘ravaging the pantry’: buying sausages, Langos (sour dough snack – Hungarian specialty), frankfurters, grilled veggie plates, cakes, etc. in the food stalls, and drinking beer, palinka (Hungarian brandy) and the like. The most central May 1 2012 festivities will likely be on Elisabeth square (right next to Deak square where all 3 Budapest metro lines meet), while the biggest ones are usually in the City Park by Heroes square (Hősök tere – M1 yellow metro line stop)

Vegetarians may find good vegetarian plates in the better restaurants, or here is our vegetarian Budapest restaurant map with some ideas for places to eat and groceries to buy:

Traditional Hungarian foods are really on the meaty side, or use lard – if made in a traditional way. But most modern kitchens (most Hungarian housewives) use vegetable oil (sunflower most typically and olive). A vegetarian Hungarian meal could be the Hungarian ratatouille ‘lecso’ (lecsó is made with stewed tomato, peppers, and onion – often mixed with scrambled eggs – ‘tojásos lecsó’, or fried bacon pieces, sausages, etc.) But plain lecso (say leh-choh) is actually a vegetarian dish. Also ‘langos’ the much favoured snack is vegetarian if the dough is fried in vegetable oil:
Paprika potatoes is a very nice and filling dish – again, the plain version is without sausages and bacon: vegetables and potato mix. Hungarians eat a lot of stewed vegetables with roux called ‘fozelek’, which is a typical lunch or dinner dish for the weekdays. You may wish to try the following: spinach dish (spenót főzelék), green bean dish (zöldbab főzelék), bean dish (bab főzelék), lentil dish (lencsefőzelék), potato dish (krumpli főzelék), pea dish (borsófőzelék), etc. usually served with fried egg or sausages, etc. I myself would go for the spinach with boiled egg. :) But some like tökfőzelék (pumpkin) with lots of dills. We also eat lots of soups, again each vegetable has its own soup varieties.
But there are superb less traditional vegetarian meals of course – various grilled vegetables (there are some really tasteful vegetables here in Hungary, from yellow pepper through to ripe tomatoes, etc.
If you have a sweet tooth you will enjoy the wonderful Hungarian cakes. Try ‘flodni’ if you like moist cakes or ‘Dobos torta’ cake if you like drier cakes, or ‘Kremes’ if you like things with loads of cream. Gesztenye püré – chestnut puree is eaten as a dessert with whipped cream and sometimes cherries soaked in rum.
Turo rudi (Túró rudi – Pöttyös) is a Hungarian sweet specialty, basically cottage cheese rolls covered in chocolate – the cottage cheese in Hungary, as you will feel is very granular, unlike the English cottage cheese.
Here is a list of the best Hungarian confectioneries in Budapest:
And another delicious specialty you should not miss as a vegetarian gastro tourist is the Hungarian pickles: home made if possible (try the big market halls, like Central Market Hall or the cheaper Lehel Market Hall): cabbage pickles are heavenly (savanyú káposzta), or kovászos uborka (gherkin pickles), or csemege uborka (sweet pickled gherkins), or mixed pickles (csalamádé), or pepper stuffed with pickled cabbage (káposztával töltött paprika) – pickles are typically eaten with the main courses in Hungary (not just with meaty main courses but all kinds of main courses – one takes 2-3 spoonfuls or forkfuls of the main course and then comes the pickle bite, oftentimes hot pickles).
Lastly, although not Hungarian meals (more ‘Central European’ wherever it may have originated from, it is typical of the regional cuisine), you may like some of the following:
‘juhtúrós sztrapacska’ (a wonderful dish of noodles with ewe cottage cheese) and ‘padlizsánkrém’ with toasts which is roasted eggplant mixed with sauces and herbs (each family has its own recipe)
Have a nice trip to Budapest, Hungary.

Monica P. Bergli


We are 4 couples leaving for Budapest this week. Can you recommand a nice place for spa for 4 ladies and their husbands? We wil stay at a hotel in the city centre of Pest.

Best regards,
M. P. Bergli

Hello Monica, I think your best option for the weekend is the world famous Szechenyi Bath (mixed /coed every day, very popular, beautiful architecture, outdoor pools) in the vicinity of a bunch of further Budapest attractions, close to Heroes square.
If you are scheduling the bath for Sunday, Gellert Bath is also a good option (most of the week not mixed, but on Sundays is, slightly more expensive, less packed, amazing Art Nouveau mosaics, and the 3 outdoor pools are also open now in this fantastic summer weather in Budapest we are blessed with.) If you are looking for something less touristy, smaller, and historical Turkish bath in Budapest, we recommend the Veli Bej Turkish bath, close to the Margaret Bridge. Veli Bej and Gellert are on the Buda side, by the river Danube, while Szechenyi is on the Pest side, in the City Park.
The facade and some other parts at Rudas bath and Lukacs bath are currently under construction but the baths are still open in both. Kiraly is mixed and Turkish, very historical as it has not been restored for ages, so the original octagonal bath, the half-lit Turkish dome etc. are not contrasted with modern clean walls – somehow more authentic if you are into that. :)
Cheers, have fun in Budapest!

Hi,would be travelling to budapest in july to go for the F1 race.
Any recommendations where to stay?To stay in city centre of budapest or nearer to
The F1 track? Would prefer hostels or any cheap accomdation as would be travelling to other places as well.
And also,would like to ask is the F1 track very far away from
City centre how should i get there? By metro or cab? If by cab is it very expensive?
Thank you.

Hello Sarah,
If you are only staying for the Formula 1 race and not even 1 day to do some sightseeing in Budapest, I guess you would want to be closer to the departure points to the Hungarian F1 race from Budapest: one of the options is the official F1 bus from Budapest Arpad Bridge on the Pest side, where the free shuttle bus to Hungaroring Formula 1 Mogyorod leaves from. Arpad Bridge is an M3 blue line metro station, so anywhere on the M3 line is also good I think.
The other choice, which I think is also very good is taking the suburban train from Ors Vezer square (Örs Vezér tér). This train is called HÉV in Hungarian for short (heyv), and goes every 10-15 min on weekdays:
here is the bilingual timetable from Budapest to Mogyorod for weekdays
and 10-25 min at weekends
Mogyorod is not the final stop of the suburban train, so stay alert, your trip is about 30-35 minutes. When you get off at the Mogyorod HEV train station, there will be a free shuttle to take you to the F1 Grand Prix race track.
Ors Vezer square is also a metro station (like Arpad Bridge) but on M2 red metro line.

Now, for the Arpad Bridge choice: Adina Apartment Hotel close to the Lehel square metro station (M3) may be an excellent choice. True it is a hotel but really good value for money (check their rates around GBP 69)
A much cheaper solution, if you find even affordable hotels out of the limit is e.g. Aventura Boutique Hostel, a few min walk from Nyugati Train Station, which is on the M3 metro line, a couple of min from Arpad Bridge where you can take the free shuttle buses to the Hungarian F1. Its ratings are pretty good and the average price per night per person is about GBP 30.
Easy Hotel Budapest Oktogon is about 6 min walk from the Nyugati Train station M3 metro station – average price per room is GBP 25.
I think these two hostels are your best options, which are also great for sightseeing.

If they are booked up, you can try further options. Ors vezer square is not a good area to stay in, so I would recommend being in the city centre on the M2 metro line, e.g. at Astoria station, you can find Budapest Panorama Hotel and Budapest City Central hotel both at about GBP 49 per night. From Astoria you can be easily at Ors Vezer square in about 10-15 min.

You definitely should not take the cab, as all the traffic at this time peaks, as if everyone felt the urge to get to F1 by cab or in their own ‘Formula 1 racing car’. There will be traffic jams for sure (that’s why the regular, although not free, suburban train might be a good option too). Imagine being stuck in a taxi and getting all the huge taxi charges just waiting in the car… Not recommended at all.

If you want to cool down during the hot days of the Hungaroring Hungarian F1 race, try the water pools at Aquarena, right next to the Mogyorod Formula 1 tracks – it is a really good waterpark with lots of slides and fun things to do. :)


thank you so much for the detailed information!
But would still like to ask some more questions as i would be travelling alone,so quite worried about transportation and travelling around issues.

I would probably be staying around for a while after the F1 to tour around budapest, may i ask where are the main attractions located at, buda or pest? And the hotels you introduced seems really nice! Are they close to attractions? If i were to choose Budapest city central hotel, how should i get to the F1 location? A little confused about metro and suburban train, are they the same? So the best transportation to get around budapest to visit attractions is it by metro? Are there any travel passes? And just to get a rough idea, how much does it usually cost to travel by taxi?

From the Arpad bridge, how long does it take to get to the F1 place? Will the shuttle buses be very packed so much so that i may not get there on time?

so sorry for so much questions!
Thank you so much! =)

Hi Sarah, no problem, being alone in a new city can be quite confusing. Luckily Budapest is easy to manage with its efficient public transport system.
Most attractions are on the Pest side, which is also more lively than the Buda side. See our Budapest Tourist Map here. The major attractions in Buda are basically in or around the Buda Castle / Royal Palace atop the Castle Hill, and the baths along the river Danube. Pest is better for booking your room also because of the Hungarian F1 Grand Prix car race. Out of the two Budapest hostels, Easy Hotel Budapest Oktogon has a better location, but Aventura Boutique Hostel is easily manageable as it is close to a metro station, and you can get almost anywhere in 15 min with the metros. The two hotels at Astoria are very centrally located, excellent choices again. Astoria itself is a square with an M2 metro station, taking you anywhere, plus the river is a ten min walk, which is great for seeing the night lights after sunset. If you choose this location in downtown Budapest, you need to take M2 metro to Deak square for 1 stop (or walk to Deak square in 5 min from Astoria), then take the M3 metro to Arpad Bridge to get on the F1 shuttle to Mogyorod. Or, take M2 from Astoria, all the way to Ors Vezer square, then get on the suburban train to Mogyorod (then the free shuttle bus will pick you at the suburban train – HÉV – station). The metro goes (mostly) underground in Budapest, the suburban train is a surface train – metros and suburban trains
There are all sorts of travel passes, for 72 hours or even a week for tourists, very affordable ones, see where to buy tickets and passes
The average cost of travelling by taxi within the city is around HUF 2,000-3,500, so it is really not cheap.
From Arpad Bridge to F1 Mogyorod by bus, it should be ideally around 35 min, however, traffic congestion can double the bus trip easily.
I am sure that you will quickly make friends with a couple of tourists and locals at the Formula 1 in Mogyorod, so you may end up joining them, which is more fun at night. Do check out the ruin pubs in Budapest if you like cool clubs.

Thank you so much once again!

Sorry one last question, what about budapest city central hotel,is the location better compared to easy hotel?


Hi Sarah, no problem at all. Astoria Square is more central than Oktogon Square, as Astoria is closer to Deak square, which could be pictured as the heart of the city, so in genereal its location is better.
By the way, we have put together our 2012 guide to the Hungarian GP (Mogyorod / Budapest F1) .
If you feel like writing us a Hungarian GP trip report with some photos, let us know! :) It would be most helpful, even if just 2 or 3 paragraphs.

Okok thanks!
Will tell u again when back from the trip!

Thank you so much!=)

I will be in Budapest for 3 weeks in June. On of the main things I would like to do is improve my Hungarian. I would be interested to find a language exchange (English & Hungarian) with someone. Any suggestions how I could do that?

Also, what festivals or special events will be happening in June?

Thank you.

Hello Peter, I do apologize for taking so long to get back to your questions. So first the language learning – Hungarian exchange:
I have been trying to contact a couple of the tutors, schools, course organizers of Hungarian language, including Fungarian, which has been well reviewed on TripAdvisor (a short and concise intro to the Magyar language, with fun – maybe worth a try, even if it costs about 15 euros
Another option is to send your comment here: Learning Hungarian in Budapest I have set up a quasi forum (post plus comments) for those who want to learn Hungarian in Budapest, and are looking for alternatives, including language exchange classes. Please specify which days you want to have classes on (when in June 2012), what language you could offer teaching in exchange, and maybe what teaching background you have, if any it may help (?) (to entice your future teacher). :)
Until the ‘seeking Hungarian Tutor’ post gets more visibility in google, I will link this post (plus your question in the comment) to the Hungarian social network site, with my personal ID (or you can try to register and go through putting up a free classified ad, saving me some time) :) It could be your first steps towards Hungarian… Then Hungarians can apply / discuss options with you. Does it help?
But of course, I am happy to help you with trying to find a local Hungarian teacher in Budapest willing to give you Hungarian classes. Another option is the good old Craigslist Budapest
Maybe you could get lucky here too (or join a Hungarian language learning team). Then there are teachers of Hungarian of course (for tuition fee, not exchange based) e.g. Gabriella Kiss at
Hopefully you will end up with a good teacher (oh, yes, maybe Facebook ads?).

Now for the Budapest festivals or special events that will be on in Budapest in June 2012: you will hopefully find something nice to do in our Budapest Event Calendar like the Budapest Czech Beer Festival 2012, the Night of the Museums 2012, the Budai Gourmet Festival 2012 – all in June, as is this, where you can even learn how to dance in Hungarian:

Let me know if you need me to place your ad on the Hungarian FB called iwiw (‘international who is who’, which somehow remained Hungarian, guess cause of FB supremacy)
And have a nice trip – 3 weeks is not a typical tourist stay, but you surely won’t be bored. :)

Hi Anna

Thank you for the detailed reply. I will check out and register on the social network site. I know enough Hungarian to get by and it would give me some more practice. I also contacted a language school and they will try to arrange some language exchange sessions.

Looking forward to my vacation / language study in Budapest.


Sure, good luck! :) Sok szerencsét! (shock serrenchate)

I will go to Budapest for my first time on 20th of May in 4 days from now till 28th!!

I will be alone and I wonder what i should do first and how to schedule my visit!

I am after the crazy time in mixed baths and night life good places to visit and have good relax time and fun.. meet new people and make good friendships! I have been almost all-over the world so i really need something to get me excited and new!!! please drop me a message to guide me and if you have good plans let’s do it together during my visit….
drop me a note so we can get in touch….

I am going to Budapest for my first time on 20th of May in 4 days from now till 28th!! I will be staying in

Holiday Inn 2040 Budaors Agip Utca 2

I will be alone and I wonder what i should do first and how to schedule my visit!

I am after the crazy time in mixed baths and night life good places to visit and have good relax time and fun.. meet new people and make good friendships! I have been almost all-over the world so i really need something to get me excited and new!!! please drop me a message to guide me and if you have good plans let’s do it together during my visit….
drop me a note so we can get in touch….

Hi Miky, hope the message gets you still in time, only 2 days left. :)

I am sorry to say that if you like partying it may have been a better option to find an accommodation in Budapest downtown somewhere in district V, Vi, or VII (5, 6, or 7), but you will surely manage your ways from Budaors (bus 272) and then tram 49 to Deak square. First you should get a public transport travel card / travel pass. Here is some info about Budapest public transport and how to get around in the city and buying Budapest public transit passes
You will have plenty of time to discover the city, go to the baths – here are some of the spas in Budapest
I would recommend Rudas Bath where you can also go to late night bathing – sorry not a party just bathing -from 10 pm to 4am on Fri and Sat. But Szechenyi is definitely the most fun of all. I am very sorry to say that the famous spa parties (Cinetrip sparties) in Szechenyi will only start in July and there will be a huge spectacular sparty with all kinds of audiovisual pleasures on August 4 2012 (if you should to come back for more)
Crazy nights? Let me see. If I were you, a solo traveller wishing to partyyy in Budapest, I would definitely opt for a pub crawling tour to get to know some folks and get an idea about Budapest nightlife, first hand tips for locals you can talk to and share your sober and less sober thoughts.
You will either love the ruin pubs I guess (hard to recommend without knowing what style of music and craziness you are thinking of) like Corvinteto on Blaha square or Szimpla Kert or Instant, Potkulcs what have you, or A38 ship music club has some roof parties (which are free, hiphop e.g. 25 May, 2012) or concerts, and another party on 27 May (funky, soul, hiphop) in general – check their website (calendar in the upper left corner)
Or you can go and enjoy some techno, hiphop disco parties on Hajogyari Island which has been turned into a party island Then there is Akvarium Club in the city centre on Erzsebet square, or Morrisons pub there is something almost every night. On May 23 Wed night ‘Ablak a Dubra’ sounds cool at Rakoczi bridge party place called Budapest Park Their current site is pretty lame but the place is cool and maybe their Facebook page tells more Did you have something like this in mind? there are really all sorts of things to do, salsa, karaoke too

Other ways to get excited in Budapest ? You mean like bungee jumping in Budapest, or taking a helicopter tour (the latter is available, the former is only done at various festivals in Hungary, but no permanent place for jumping), or doing some adventure tours? Anyway, these sound crazy and fun to me: Biking and drinking beer or renting an old Socialist car called Trabant in Budapest, just google renting Trabant Budapest, here is e.g. this company Paintball has always been in the ‘crazy’ category or then there is go-kart, quad, etc.
I think the Hospital in the Rock is a cool place to visit (nuclear shelter) but I am not sure if this is crazy enough. :) And I think it is pretty cool to take a Budapest sightseeing tour on a Segway, which is an experience in itself. Let me know quickly if this is helpful.
Have fun and let us know how crazy things got in Budapest.

Many thanks for your reply Anna! So helpfull but to be honest I’m looking to meet interesting new people as well!

Did you here about this group who orgnise pub tours?

Please advise!

What about you Anna?!

Waiting ur soonest reply

We have heard and read good feedback about All night crash in Budapest. I think the guys doing it ask for a fair price, also include free shots and hangover parties. Plus will put you into context quickly and safely and you can make friends for the rest of your Budapest stay. Thanks for the lovely invitation but we have a lot on our hands now, and pretty busy socially and replying tourists urgent emails and comments. :) sorry. Have fun and give your review of all night crash if you feel like sharing

Myself and 10 others are heading to budapest late june for a stag party. We will be of course looking for lively nightlife. Can u recommend some places and also should we steer clear of anywhere in particular?? Im sure as with everywhere there are some dangerous areas


Hi Frankie, we have put together a Budapest stag party dos and donts series of tips, hope this helps.
Sorry about the late reply, it took some time to make the article informative. For late June things to do, please take a look at our Budapest Events Calendar. What sort of activities do you have in mind? Parties, festivals, concerts?

Hola, he ido de vacaciones a Hungria, y lo he pasado genial!!!!, es un pais hermoso, bello. He estado por Heviz, he conocido una parte del lago Balaton …. sus temperadas aguas, he ido a un lago medicinal (con olor a azufre), a 36ª grados estaba el agun (Heviz), os lo recomiendo es F A N T A S T I CO, ha y el que no ve a la bicha (culebra) no ha ido, por que Yo la vi… y que susto me dio, nunca en mi vida habia nadado tan rápido…. luego supe que no hacen nada, solo hay que pegarle al agua para que se vayan…. jejejjejeje… Una parajes impresionantes. En Budapest, es más ciudad, más gente, pero no menos interesante, Ha… el mercado centrral, me quedado con la boca abierta …… el suelo …… LIMPIO, igualito que la boqueria (Barcelona) o el mercado de san miguel (Madrid)…. ha.. otro datos curioso, en la visita guiada a parlamento (en Español), si mal no recuerdo de 320 diputados pasan el 2014 a 200 … (No quiero ser politico) … pero … ahí lo dejo.
El homenaje a los Judios ,el Arbol de la vida, y los zapatos frente al parlamento justo a la orilla del Danubio.
Todos sus puentes y la isla margarita (espero no equivocarme en el nombre), es una pasada.
Ha.. los helados buenisisisismos … la paprica dulce, y un sin fin de cosas buenas…. Menos los ciclistas, la tendencia es ir demasiado rápidos, hemos visto muchos accidentes de ciclistas atropellando a peatones y entre ciclistas.
Como conclusión, ire otra vez, pero solo a la parte del lago balaton (Heviz), me he quedado enamorado de aquella zona.

Hi Horacio, glad to hear that you enjoyed Budapest, it is always nice to hear back from tourists. :) And yes, it is called La Isla Margarita in Spanish.
I will add the google translation of your comment, in case some one is interested:
Hello, I’ve gone on holiday to Hungary, and I’ve had a great time!!, Is a beautiful country, beautiful. I’ve been in Heviz, I have met a part of Lake Balaton …. its temperate waters, I went to a lake medicinal (smelling of sulfur) to 36 th grade was the Agun (Heviz), I recommend it is FANTASTIC, has and has not seen the ferret (snake) has not gone, that I saw … and gave me a fright, never in my life had swum so fast …. I later learned that they do nothing, you just have to hit the water to go …. jejejjejeje … A stunning landscapes. In Budapest, is more city, more people, but no less interesting, ha .. centrral market, I left with my mouth open …… the ground …… CLEAN, just like the Boqueria (Barcelona) or the market of San Miguel (Madrid) …. has .. other interesting data in the guided tour of Parliament (in Spanish), if my memory of 320 deputies passed 2014 to 200 … (Not to be political) … but … I’ll leave.
The tribute to the Jews, the tree of life, and shoes just in front of parliament on the banks of the Danube.
All bridges and the island margarita (I hope not mistaken in the name), is amazing.
Ha. buenisisisismos ice cream … the sweet paprika, and a myriad of good things …. Fewer cyclists, the trend is going too fast, we have seen many accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians trampling among cyclists.
In conclusion, I will go again, but only that portion of Lake Balaton (Heviz), I’ve been in love with the area.

sandra Robinson


I am visiting Budapest at the end of January 2013 to celebrate my 40th, in the party there will be 10 of us could you please advise on the best baths to visit with spa treatments. We are going to book the bar crawl with the guide and I would like a good restaraunt to visit also. Can you give me a idea of what the weather maybe like based on previous years.


Hello Sandra,
wow, I am sure you will have a lovely birthday in Budapest! Especially with so many friends. :)

Budapest baths:

it is pretty easy to answer which bath is the best bath in Budapest, especially in winter time, when the summer thermal baths / lidos are all closed (like Palatinus, Dagaly, etc.): I would wholeheartedly recommend Szechenyi Baths as your number one spa bath choice. Gellert is also famous, but it has no heated outdoor pools (unlike Szechenyi, where there are 3 naturally warm spring water pools, one even has a wave pool). Take a look at both, which appeals to your style, but the vast majority of locals and tourists alike adore Szechenyi Bath. If you want to get some great spa deals, you can book massage packages (for the whole group too) on Besides massage, there is sauna, steam room, beauty salon, fish pedicure, (it can be fun it is a novelty). :)

Gellert Baths also has massages and other spa and wellness facilities. Gellert is only coed on weekends, while Szechenyi is mixed every day.

Then there are some more exotic or rather historical Turkish baths in Budapest.

Budapest bar crawl:

I think bar crawls in Budapest are really fun, and usually very cheap. Of course, you can do it yourself too (here are some of the best bars in Budapest). Many of the cool bars are in one neighbourhood (at least the ones that are open in January in Budapest – summer time bars are blooming right now in July – August, and they are more scattered in the city, but winter time bars are somehow more concentrated). There are two bar / restaurant zones in Budapest:

a, the best and most unique of Budapest bars called the ‘ruin pubs’ (hip bars in a recycled design fashion with lots of mixed crowds and cool music – ruin means that the buildings they are in are waiting for renovation) in District VI and District VII: Szimpla Kert, Fogashaz, Instant, Otkert, Mika Tivadar Mulato, etc., and Old Mans Pub (an established lively rock pub in Akacfa street – not ruin pub)

b, the bars on and around Liszt Ferenc Square (Liszt Ferenc tér) and Jokai Square by Andrassy Avenue (like the Budapest Salsa and Latino fun bar, Barrio Latino.

c, then the few out of the zone bars: A38 (and some more in summer time) with lots of international concerts (rock, punk, metal, hiphop, worldmusic, psychedelic, disco, etc.)

d, there are quite good jazz bars too – less pub feeling, more refined environments – sort of jazz concert cafes, not the sweaty jazz underground feeling – some Budapest Jazz events here

Budapest restaurants
– reservations are definitely needed in better restaurants for the size of your team

as you are a big group of ten, I will try to recommend a few places to eat in Budapest where you could feel happy, all ten of you (and as you are coming in Jan you won’t be enjoying sitting out on a terrace, sorry):

Klassz – a really good wine restaurant, Hungarian meals, French bistro style
Borkonyha WineKitchen – likewise, wine, great food, caters for groups well
Dio Restaurant – Hungarian cuisine
Mák Bistro – a young, more modern, more hip style good restaurant (got the award of the favourite of Budapest last year)
Araz – French – Hungarian, stylish contemporary interior and cuisine
Costes – the best gourmet restaurant but also good for a group of ten
Vak Varju – a fun place to eat, many Hungarian dishes though not the best I have eaten, still a nice option, close to Deak

for something more traditional English – Irish – Scottish pub style restaurant, with sports screenings too

Jack Doyle’s Irish Pub & Restaurant
Becketts (Irish)
Legends Sports Bar (International)

Top restaurants with other cuisines:

Taverna Dionysos – Greek, lovely, superb food
Trattoria Toscana and Fausto’s – both top quality Italian

some also like Iguana, one of the Mexican restaurants, personally I was disappointed, but many love it

great value for money restaurants

Paprika Restaurant – feels like being in a funky folk museum but great food and atmosphere, cheap prices, not a romantic birthday setting
Menza on Liszt Ferenc Square (here you will find a dozen of restaurants)


Olimpia – great for a good lunch (closed on Sun)
Trofea Grill – eat and drink as much as you want for approx. HUF 5,000 (a real budget restaurant, very popular for celebrations)
Dinner and Cruise on the river Danube in Budapest – to have river views, buffet style dinner during the river cruise, live music, and then go on clubbing

BorsSo Restaruant and Gerloczy Cafe are both excellent, I am not sure if they have tables for groups of ten though, but may be worth a try if you are in the neighbourhood.

Party on the Danube“>Party on the Boat from 11 pm (I am not sure about the Budapest boat party winter schedule, in summer it is quite fun and frequent)

Budapest weather in January

Chilly, freezing cold, snowy, oftentimes under zero, around minus 5 or even minus 8 degrees Celsius. While many people in Budapest wear thick clothes from tip to toe (hats, gloves, scarves, etc.), we have witnessed that some tourists from the UK don shorts and a sweater…. In light of this controversy, and to be on the safe side, I would recommend bringing clothes that you can put on in layers, cardigans, etc. and some waterproof shoes / boots. And a versatile winter coat. The sun goes down at about 4 pm or so, so you can enjoy the night lit Budapest views pretty early from a boat tour (see above) – absolutely a must do in Budapest, usually 1/1.5 hour with lots of sights to see and drinks to enjoy.
Happy birthday celebrations! Let us know, if you liked Budapest and what especially. :)

sandra Robinson


Thank you very much for the information you have given me a lot to go at much appreciated.


Hi, we are going to Budapest in 10 days time for a long weekend. Is there anything special happening during 10-13th please? Thanks x

Hi Kate,

I hope I am still in time with the reply – Budapest Events August 10-13
I will enlist a few general options, but it would help a lot, if you shared some preferences, like music style, theatre, party, cruise, baths, e.g. younger things to do (disco, party, pub crawls, etc.) or more relaxed and mature things to do in Budapest (cruises, restaurants, exhibitions, etc.)? I could further finetune my research for you if you give me some more clues.

Outstanding events in Budapest mid Aug:

Aug 10 Budapest
Classical music events in Budapest
Puccini Turandot in Budapest on the Margaret Island
Organ Concert in Budapest

Fun / Party
Sziget Festival Budapest
Palatinus Lido night
Salsa Party

Sightseeing on Boat Tours
Budapest Night Boat tours
Party on the Boat

Low key and very nice jazz concert (HU)

Hungarian Folk Show

Art and Design during Queen Victoria’s realm (guest exhibition)
Bodies 2

Aug 11 Budapest

Classical Music

Jazz / Triphop – Bin Jip concert

Fun / Party
Sziget Festival Budapest
The best party on this day at the Szechenyi Baths, Budapest : Szecska Bath Party Budapest
Techno Disco

Art and Design during Queen Victoria’s realm (guest exhibition)
Bodies 2

Sightseeing on Boat Tours
Budapest Night Boat tours
Party on the Boat
Tai Chi Day

Aug 12 Budapest

Classical music events in Budapest
Puccini Turandot in Budapest on the Margaret Island

Fun/ Party
Sziget Festival Budapest
Downtempo Budapest Sunday relax

Folk Show – Hungarian
Folk Show – Ukrainian

Fairs – design and home produce fairs in Budapest on Sundays (on Sundays the Central Market is closed)

Sightseeing on Boat Tours
Budapest Night Boat tours
Party on the Boat

Art and Design during Queen Victoria’s realm (guest exhibition)
Bodies 2

Aug 13 Budapest

Fun / Party
Sziget Festival Budapest

Folk Show

Exhibitions – on Mondays many museums are closed in Budapest
Bodies 2

Sightseeing on Boat Tours
Budapest Night Boat tours
Party on the Boat

Here is our general monthly calendar (sorry, it takes like ten seconds or so to download, we are having speed issues due to our increased visits to our Budapest travel guide site)

Let me know if I can help more. Budapest has a lot to offer for all tastes, ages, likes, etc.

This website is fab! Me and my friend are going to Budapest from the 2-6th of aug. Is there anything special happening in these days? We are both young, love to party, meet people etc etc.
Many thanks,

Hi Nicola, September 2-6th? or next August 2013?

Hi Nicola, Budapest at this time of the year is full of parties, and there are lots of open air bars, pubs, concert venues open until the warm summer days last (usually till late September), so you are coming at a buzzing time to Budapest, Hungary.
Besides the usual parties, here is what we could recommend visiting (tastes differ though) there are some festivals in Budapest that you may like, from the more mainstream to the more highbrow

on Sundays, there are some special fairs (flea market, home produce, handmade crafts sort of places):

When you are planning your Monday, Sep 3, please keep in mind that there are very few museums open (e.g. the Hungarian House of Photography) – so here are some general tips for your Monday:
and for parties,

on Sep 5, you can get a good dancing at Corvinteto

But if you want to have some more good times, I would recommend a pub crawl (self guided or pub crawl tours) in the Jewish Quarter of Budapest where there are a good dozen places with open air terraces and lots of folks chatting, drinking and enjoying the summer in Budapest. Head to Astoria station (you can get a bite at the lovely Cafe Bocadillo – live music on Monday and Thursday as I recall) then walk to Kazinczy Street and you will bump into all the bars packed in that long nightlife street. Further good venues with lots of events almost every day (concerts, DJs) is Zold Pardon, Budapest Park and for the techno lovers Obuda Island.
Have fun in Budapest!

Thank you for this web site, it has given me some great ideas for treating my wife, we are visiting to celebrate our anniversary between the 21st and 25th of august 2012. Are there any other suggestions of things to do, places to visit to make our trip more romantic and memorable?

Hi Graeme,
we could help you more if you give us some clues about what you like (travel styles, music styles, gastro preferences, budget, etc.) anything could help. In general some ideas for the upcoming days.
By other things to do, do you mean
Budapest baths?
Budapest hidden gems?
Concerts? There are all sorts in all genres, from the 8os soft rock, through jazz, or folk, or light swing in a nice bistro, or the finest klezmer music in the Art Nouveau Zoo
Performances? The summer is not the best time (e.g. the Hungarian Opera House goes on holiday), but there are some spectacular folk dance shows
Budapest Parties? There are zillions this time of the year, like the Szechenyi Baths Szecska sparty or the Salsa party in a lively place downtown Budapest
see some more options in our Budapest Events Calendar (which is like the tenth of what is actually going on in the city, and you could possibly enjoy too)

Thanks for quick reply.
We both like seeing the history and architecture of a city, are there any specific places that should not be missed and any hidden gems that we should make a point of visiting?
Music wise, we like the more modern 70’s to present.
On the food side, we both enjoy a good meal, and I do enjoy trying new things and local delicacies.
Budget is a mid range 1, if something is worth it though we won’t have a problem parting for it. Obviously though neither one of us wants to feel ripped off.
Are there any tours etc we should take to help see the major sights and get filled in with the history and importance of them?
Unfortunately, well depending on how you look at it, Im the only one who enjoys a beer, my wife fancies the odd cocktail though, so what are the best bars to frequent – we don’t want somewhere where we need to shout to be heard, somewhere with a touch of character.
Are there any cafes that we should go, we both love a coffee and cake / pastrie, and somewhere magical to go would be a bonus.
We will be visiting Budapest with an open mind and heart, wanting to enjoy what the city has to offer. We have already been blown away by the beauty of the place through the pictures we have seen and so want to make the most of this short romantic break we have planned. By the way we will be staying on the pest side if that is of any significance to your recommendations.
Also if you could, can you please advise on the best ways to travel, the costs and how to go about organising this and what is the average price of taxi to / from the airport from pest centre?
Many thanks for your help.

Hi Graeme,
I have interlaced the answers to your questions, hope still coming in time (sorry Aug 20 is our ‘ever bestest’ national holiday… not a working day, not a good day for last minute replies, truly sorry.

“are there any specific places that should not be missed and any hidden gems that we should make a point of visiting?”
Well, there are truly many interesting and beautiful buildings in Budapest, Hungary. You will find it an exciting travel destination for its history (mostly 19th century, but there are some nice historical buildings from the medieval times, like the Turkish Baths, like Rudas Baths)

“Music wise, we like the more modern 70’s to present.”
Then I think you could check out the Budapest Unique Festival at the Buda Castle on top of the Castle Hill: some of the greatest hits will be performed from 80’s & the 90’s (Rick Astley, Bonnie Tyler, Scooter, etc.) Toto is performing at the Budapest Arena Aug 23-25

On the food side, we both enjoy a good meal, and I do enjoy trying new things and local delicacies.
Budget is a mid range 1, if something is worth it though we won’t have a problem parting for it. Obviously though neither one of us wants to feel ripped off.
Let me see, if you want to try Hungarian cuisine in Hungarian restaurants:
for a less classy more lively place (hip / trendy / loved by young locals) you could try Castro Bistro where the design is mostly inspired by, well not Hungarian motifs. Yet, there are nice Hungarian dishes at affordable prices. Another restaurant for the young folks (25-45) is Koleves Restaurant, Halkakas Restaurant (fish), Ruben Restaurant or Menza (they are all quite centrally located). A pleasant place, which is neither too formal nor informal (sort of French bistro style) could be BorsSo Restaurant, Cafe Bouchon, etc. More traditional Hungarian restaurants (mostly frequented by the more classic less trendy folks): Kiskakukk, Cafe Hadik, etc.
Other cuisines and very popular places: Trattoria Toscana (Italian), Taverna Dionysos (Greek), Wang Mester (Chinese), Chez Daniel (French), Szeraj (Turkish), etc.
For quick and healthy snacks, check out Fruccola. See more restaurants on our Budapest Tourist Map

Are there any tours etc we should take to help see the major sights and get filled in with the history and importance of them?
You could start with the free walking tours in Budapest, or you can get a general overview of the city from the hop on hop off buses. Budapest river cruises are also accompanied by tours (see more boat tours on the Danube in Budapest here). I myself am a Segway fan, so I would also recommend an unusual means of transport for a nice Budapest Segway tour.

“Unfortunately, well depending on how you look at it, Im the only one who enjoys a beer, my wife fancies the odd cocktail though, so what are the best bars to frequent – we don’t want somewhere where we need to shout to be heard, somewhere with a touch of character.”

Start to take a walk on Kazinczy Street from Rakoczi Way: this street is practically packed with places to get both beers and cocktails, some are louder, others are more quiet (e.g. the garden of Koleves, Mika Tivadar, 400, etc.). On your way, you can take a peep into the famous Szimpla Kert. For me it is too crowded, noisy and gets hot for a good conversation sort of modest nightlife, but even this bar has so many rooms (imagine a whole 19th crumbling residential building with dozens of rooms turned into bars) – it is a ruin pub, and there are many similar places. If weather allows, almost any from Dob street onwards – still on Kazinczy street, downtown – could be a potentially great place to enjoy a beer and a cocktail. On the Buda side (which is outside the party zone of the Pest side), you can try Belgian beers if you cross the Chain Bridge, or walk further to Batthyany square and sit in Cafe Angelika, which is just opposite the Parliament – nice sight, especially after sunset when it is illuminated.

Are there any cafes that we should go, we both love a coffee and cake / pastrie, and somewhere magical to go would be a bonus.

There are many. :) Cafe Auguszt on Kossuth Street is a must I think, while Cafe Gerbeaud is usually unavoidable (on Vorosmarty Square, where Vaci street begins). Cafe Royal (aka Szamos Marcipan Confectionery) is also nice. It could be interesting to see the Cafe New York and Lukacs Confectionery (by the House of Terror) and the Cafe Alexandra in the Parisian Department Store (Parizsi Aruhaz) by the Opera. Cafe Ruszwurm is the oldest of all in the Buda Castle, again, I think, unavoidable. Cafe Hadik is superb if you are by Gellert Baths and the Cave Church (5 min walk, on the line of the tram, away from the Liberty bridge). Cafe Noe is one of he finest places for a palatable traditional Jewish-Hungarian moist cake called flodni (flawed-ny) in the old Jewish Quarter (most yummy, gulp). And these are really just to start with. :) (and yes, I have a terrible sweet tooth).

We will be visiting Budapest with an open mind and heart, wanting to enjoy what the city has to offer. We have already been blown away by the beauty of the place through the pictures we have seen and so want to make the most of this short romantic break we have planned. By the way we will be staying on the pest side if that is of any significance to your recommendations.

I have included some places on the Buda side in case you are walking on the other side of the river. But most places are on the Pest side.

Also if you could, can you please advise on the best ways to travel, the costs and how to go about organising this and what is the average price of taxi to / from the airport from pest centre?

getting around: absolutely vote for public transport and getting a travel pass (not necessarily Budapest card, unless you want to see our lovely zoo and many museums, which makes it a good deal then).
Average price is around HUF 5,200 – 5,800.

Hi, is there anything happening near the start of September?

Hi Carl, yes a lot, as always! Which date range do you have in mind and what kind of music / events, etc.?
Anyway, here is our event list (also viewable in calendar) which is slow to download but worth the waiting

I am visiting Budapest next September 4th 2012 , I need to know what kind of clothes to pack , will it be cold or chilly , or summer ?


Hi Sandra, the weather in Budapest in early September looks pretty hot, I myself am wearing spaghetti tops with shorts or skirts and still feel the heat (these days around 35 degrees, and this is the end of August). That said, the rainy days may suddenly come, so pack for a bit cooler weather too (1-2 pairs of trousers, 2 cardigans and a light jacket – just in case. Do bring a pair of comfortable shoes as Budapest is big, spread out and absolutely great for walking a lot. If you get tired, head to Szechenyi Bath to pamper your legs and chill out: But bring your summer wear definitely. I can see 26 degrees Celsius for 4th of Sep on meteoblue weather forecast site
As you can see, it is warm in Budapest by day – yet it can get chillier (and the nights are cooler, around 13 degrees Celsius)

Hi there im 22, I’m visiting Budapest from the 31st August to the 4th Sept, I will be going with my parents and my younger sister who is 18. Im looking forward to the beer festival but what else would be some reasonable nightclub venues for my sister and I. i.e. where are the hottest chicks hanging out haha ?

Hi Jordon, so sorry you did not get help from us in time. We are literally flooded with emails from Budapest tourists asking for tips and I must have skipped your comment. But I am hoping that you have found some cool parties with your sister. Have you been to Zold Pardon or Obuda Island or any of the ruin pubs? Apologies again.

Hi there. Is there anything on 19-21 Oct?. I’m turning 30. Also if you know of any trance clubs or events. Any recommendations for restaurants/bars with authentic meals, nothing fancy

Hi Daniel, here is our current list of Budapest October Events, which will be richer as the days are approaching as many events are only published 1-2 weeks before the actual event takes places in Budapest.

I will soon include the Oldtimer Show (October 20-23, with sports cars from Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Aston Martin, ISO, Jensen, BMW, military vehicles from the communist regime like the Tiger tank, etc.) in our Budapest Events Calendar too. At the moment this is the only festival I can see during your trip to Budapest. But do check back a few days before your travel to our live Budapest events guide here:

Some nice Hungarian restaurants with decent prices can be found on our Budapest budget dining map (the fork and knife map icon stands for restaurants, the rest are self service eateries, salad bars, etc.). The green icon shows the good and no fancy vegetarian restaruants in Budapest:
As for simple Hungarian restaurants with solid food I would recommend Hunyadi Restaurant on Hunyadi Square (Oktogon), Pozsonyi Vendeglo on Pozsonyi Way by the Margaret Bridge, for a more lively and dynamic place frequented by many young folks you can try Halkakas Fish restaurant or Menza Restaurant on Liszt Ferenc square. There are very nice Hungarian restaurants with French bistro interiors like Borsso Restaurant or Cafe Kor. What style are your attracted to and where in Budapest would you like to eat out?

Thanks for that. I like most food, what dishes are typical for Hungary? Is there any dishes that we must try?

Hi Daniel, I think most people and Budapest guide books would recommend trying the classic Hungarian must food, which is goulash soup or Gulyas leves (which is soup in Hungary and not a thicker stew. But you can try Hungarian stew too, it is called porkolt and not gulyas in Hungarian).
If you love the taste of stews and thick soups it is one option, and best eaten at lunch time rather than for dinner.
I would recommend trying the ‘wild’ or Vadas (originally made with game meat, these days more with beef – cooked beef in a rich creamy sauce with potato noodles), or potato casserole (rakott krumpli), which is pretty good (potatoes, sausages, eggs, layered in a casserole topped with sour cream), and there are several varieties (and other casseroles too, like the Savoy cabbage casserole with minced meat – rakott kaposzta, or similarly, the cauliflower casserole).
Are you a meat person or more into vegetables? There are lots of meat dishes but quite a lot of vegetable based healthier dishes (less known by tourists somehow).
For a snack, try Langos or dodolle (dödölle), and for desserts, try Flodni, a nice strudel (with sour cherry, or cottage cheese and raisins or even with cabbage) or some of traditonal breakfast bakery products ‘Turos taska’ (something like a cottage cheese croissant) or Cocoa swirl (like cinnamon swirl but with cocoa powder). Try them fresh and nice with some milk for breakfast. Some more ideas for culinary pleasures in Budapest:
for Hungarian desserts some of the Budapest confectioneries
for Hungarian soups:
for Langos

If you know what your gastro preferences are, I can recommend better. There is something for all, seafood lovers, meat eaters in a gourmer or a rustic style, vegans, sweet tooths, etc. Also related this comment maybe

Thanks a lot. I do love meat. Are there any places that do good meat dishes

Hi, I am visiting Budapest with my boyfriend between 13-15th October, anything going on or anywhere we should visit?

Hello Jade,

here is our Budapest events 2012 calendar in its current form (hopefully gets fatter by mid October)
For the specific date you have given there are all sorts of events, it depends on what you like doing: art? photo exhibitions? opera? parties?
to mention but a few:
Cafe Budapest contemporary art festival with lots of cool and experimental international performances
Bonus Electronic Festival is a huge techno house party, a huge one literally
Wildlife photos – worldwide winning photos from a travel exhibition from London
no festivals or gourmet events have been on our radar yet
Sunday fairs: Szimpla Farmers Market, GOUBA Bazaar
lots of performances, folk shows, operas, dances, etc. and even more concerts (from jazz, through world music to classic or pop rock). What are your preferences?

A link to the general calendar to choose from (click on October at the top of the calendar, which is now automatically set for the current month, and is quite slow, sorry, but we think it is still quite useful to plan your personal events in Budapest)

Great site, excellent resource! We’re going on a short weekend (28th-30th Sept) and really interested in some great photo opportunities in Budapest that weekend. What can you suggest? Anything special on that weekend?
Thank you so much!

Hi Alex, thank you. Even without anything special going on there are great places in Budapest, scenes, scenery, statues, attractions to take photos of. What do you like photographing?
As for events, the Budapest Design week will surely offer some great photo opportunities if you like special designs:
What events do you have in mind? Concerts, festivals, parties, etc.?
Maybe a simple fair?

I know you would like to take photos, but if you like good photos, you might be interested in some of the cool photo exhibitions on display at the time of your Budapest visit, like the Mapplethorple exhibition:
the Chinese Ai Weiwei photo exhibition in Budapest:
the Wildlife photos (world winners, visiting Budapest from London):
and not listed in our event calendar yet, but the Hungarian House of Photography (aka the Mai Mano Haz) is a great place to see some good photos and take good photos too.

Let me know what intrigues you, and I can try to fine tune the photo shooting resource for Budapest :)

I am visiting Budapest in Mid November 17th to 20th and wonder what live entertainment is going on then such as festivals or music in bars or restaraunts, not classical or opera but any other genres please?

Hi June,

most bars, clubs only post their upcoming event a few weeks earlier, so I recommend checking back to the calendar in late October, and writing us a mail again for your specific Budapest events genre request around 5 November. By then most calendars will be filled up. I am sorry if it sounds lame, but if the bars, clubs, festivals, concerts, etc. do not get published we cannot re-publish the events either. Hope this does not cause an inconvenience. I am sure there will be many things to do between Nov 17 and 20, just bear with us. :)

What I can see now is that
you can visit the Christmas Market on Vorosmarty Square (and hopefully in front of the Basilica too, though there is no info about the Xmas Fair by St Stephens Basilica yet for 2012)
MUSE will be at the Sport Arena in Budapest (Papp László Budapest Sportaréna) on November 20, 2012,
Cokxpon will have Cöki Jam and Onda Kimia on 18, Sunday
also on Sunday, 18th November there will be a WAMP Design Fair at the ‘Millenáris Fogadó’ in Millenaris Park from 10.00 to 18.00, and most probably a Sunday Farmer’s Market at the quirky Szimpla Kert Bar (the oldest of the vibrant and trendy ruin bars in Budapest)
Some of the regular parties at the weekend (out of the 45 or more)
Mondays can be more flat in atmosphere, but there is a regular Monday party at the Fogashaz ruin bar (yes, these ruin pubs or ruin bars are unmissable, basically many of them are the best bars in Budapest, unless you are a techno-house music lover – let me know if you are, because techno clubbing is also quite popular in Budapest, so there is definitely some parties and good places to recommend for house, trance, etc. DJs)


I am planning a 7 ay trip to Budapest in January 2013. I wondered what the temperatures were like at that time of year? Also, are most tourist attractions open then, as we want to pack in as much as possible when we are there.

Thanks for your help :-)

Hi Lynn, sure, the attractions are open (even the thermal baths and the outdoor pools, a fun contrast!). The terraced bars, and huge summer party places are not open though (so most things that are in the open air and need good weather needs to be checked individually.
Are you interested in any of the top Budapest attractions or hidden gems specifically?
Jan 1 a public holiday, but Jan 2 is as usual, back to the standard opening times (most museums are closed on Mondays).
Budapest tours are less frequently available, but they are still running, just not so often, e.g. the Budapest boat tours, bus tours, and so on.

Here are some ideas for Jan:

And the weather in January:
it can be quite cold, we wear hats, gloves, scarves, boots and coats all January. During the evening and nigh hours it can freeze easily, and during the day it is often below zero Celsius, or around that. The riverfront by the Danube can be windy, but the city itself is quite OK. The interiors of the stores, attractions, public transports are quite heated, so it is best to bring flexible clothes, which can be built layer by layer.
Have a good trip!

Hey there,

It is a really cool site, and your personalized ” tip service” is extremely helpful. I am going to visit Budapest with a friend from November 23-25 and I´m a bit overwhelmed by all the things the city can offer. My friend would like to experience the real sense of the city, eat and drink like locals, do what locals do, and he is also very interested in nice concerts and other art, fun or whatever interesting events. Can you recommend us some unmissable things to do? Many thanks from Innsbruck!

Top Budapest Travel Guide

Hi Anna from Innsbruck!
For your stay of Nov 23- 25, 2012 in Budapest: let me see our upcoming Budapest events calendar (always renewed, so worth checking back before you leave for Budapest)

what locals do in Budapest:
we Hungarians love cheap and good budget lunches, rather than more expensive dinner options. So if you want see a really local place, try an Étkezde (eatery): e.g. the Rakoczi Etkezde on Rákóczi Square is a nice little place, much loved by locals (and tourists who like to discover hidden, authentic places, which are almost like secrets. There you go, not a secret any more!) :) Map for further good eateries and lunch deals here:

locals will be at the Budapest Christmas market (and tourists, it is quite popular): head to Vörösmarty tér (Vorosmarty square) in the city centre:

locals will be at the many bars and clubs of Budapest: akvarium klub (Aquarium Club) is very close to the Xmas market, as is Otkert, another cool and hip bar.
Drink like locals? :) What do you want to try? Wines in a wine bar? Beers in a good pub? Palinka, the mighty Hungarian spirit (very strong, like vodka), teas in a tea bar? Good coffee with pastry? Give me some clues to what you like as there are hundreds of places to choose from (Budapest has about 2 million inhabitants, which means thousands of places to eat, drink, club, dance, relax, etc.). All genre is present in Hungary: jazz, blues, rock, punk, opera, classical, hiphop, dnb, trance, folk, reggae, nufolk, world, gypsy music, etc. What kind of nice concerts are you interested in?

some festivals and fairs during that Nov weekend

I quite like Banksy,
and Cezanne – both exhibitions in Budapest

For concerts,, I will just copy paste some from our calendar

Hi guys,
great and helpful page. I’m going to spend in Budapest from December 30th to January 4th. Any special for those days? and any tour for wine lovers January 2 or 3?
Thanks and rgds,

Top Budapest Travel Guide

Hi Glenys, you can find some ideas for things to do in December and early January in our Budapest Christmas guide, the special edition for winter tourists in Budapest:
If you scroll to the bottom, you can see some day by day suggestions, e.g. for Jan 2 in Budapest
(sorry, Jan 2 and Jan 3 are quieter than the days before that, but there are several minor events taking place). Hope you will have a nice New Year break in Budapest!


My girlfriend and I are going to Budapest THIS FRIDAY!!! Do you have any reccomendaions on what to do over the weekend?

Help would be much appreciated

Thank you!!

Top Budapest Travel Guide

Hi Josh, I hope you are excited about your Budapest visit. You seem to come on a weekend break, which is great as weekends are generally quite busy even though January is more laid back and less touristy, so many shows are off as the artists take a break at this time of the year. But there will be PLENTY to do and have fun in such a short time. Hope you have taken a look at the above top ten things to do in Budapest list to start with.
Other events over the weekend January 11, Jan 12, Jan 13, without knowing your travel preferences and interests (which is a great help usually)

Concerts in Budapest January 11, Jan 12, Jan 13, weekend
Midnight Music is an actual midnight concert – classical music – by the Budapesti Fesztiválzenekar at Millenaris Park
the Budapst Jazz showcase will be ideal if you love jazz, linked above
Cafe If jazz concert on Sat / violin jazz solo
Jam Pub Madison Rock Band, Baby Gabi, DJ Szerdahelyi, DJ Ata on Saturday from 9pm
Cafe Lado: Swing Ladies Trio on Sat
WineBar – concerts on both Sat and Sun, jazz
Zúzda Rock Kert metal concerts, thrash and death metal

Parties in Budapest January 11, Jan 12, Jan 13, weekend

now, parties are by the dozen, every Fri and Sat are quite busy by about 9-10 pm or so, but Sun nights tend to be quieter (gloomy Monday looming on the horizon). It really depends on your style, music preferences, age, budget where it is best to go
Akvarium Club, Instant, Otkert, Fogashaz, Morrisons, Potkulcs, Szimpla kert, etc. all have a young crowd in their 20s 30s for weekend parties
In the city center there are many alternative bars like the ruin pubs in Kazinczy street, or head to Corvinteto on Blaha Square

But if you prefer huge techno house clubs, or r&b clubs, rock or metal, that is also available.

Festivals in Budapest January 11, Jan 12, Jan 13, weekend

Outdoor things to do in Budapest January 11, Jan 12, Jan 13, weekend

loads! both the mainstream, the latest hits and the artsy peripheral films,
Dredd 3D or all the latest films come to Budapest with a few weeks shift

Exhibitions are a lot:

Art exhibitions (there are hundreds, these are just the top of the exhibits),

Historical exhibitions
the National Museum and the House of Terror in Budapest are not to be missed if you like history.
For a quirky, unusual experience, go to the Hospital in the Rock nuclear shelter on the Castle Hill

These are some general tips, Budapest is full of all sorts of things to do, literally. Quirky and niche activities for the upcoming Jan weekend for instance: (no I am not joking, these are actual events)
National Postal Pigeon exhibition at SYMA Event Hall Budapest
Cageball Center: boy and girl football amateur matches, 1143 Budapest, Füredi u. 74–76.

I think the only top places that are unavailable at the weekend is A38 music ship club due to some works and the Opera House which is on a January recuperation break

If you liked the above suggestions, what about inviting us for a coffee via paypal donations?

Cheers, Anna


We’re 3 adults with 2 toddlers visiting Budapest in February where we will have 3 full days. We would love to do the baths and would like to know which of the many attractions would be suitable for us all to do together?

Would be really grateful if anyone could assist so we can prepare so we don’t waste anytime whilst there.

Much appreciated

Top Budapest Travel Guide

Hi Sarah,

here are some of the things to do with children in Budapest, many toddler things to do too: But one thing is sure, the winter is cold in Budapest, around or somewhat below the freezing point (somewhere between -5 C and +2 degrees), so good warm and waterproof clothes for all of you will make the winter break in Budapest a lot more pleasant.

Outdoor Activities for Children in Budapest

If you love outdoor activities, it can be a lot of fun to go to the ice rink together. The outdoor ice rink in the city park is a lovely place in February, and you can rink skates too. Skates are on rent, and there are even classes for children
Right next to the rink there is a nice palace, it is the palace of the Ice Rink with rentals, cafe, etc. And on the other side of the rink there is a nice castle, the Vajdahunyad Castle, taken up by the Museum of Agriculture, a somewhat old fashioned museum in a nice building, with some strange exhibits, like hundreds of antlers and stuffed animals. But it has some nice parts, a simple cafe and some more interactive temporary exhibitions for bigger children.

The Margaret Island is fun too, and you can rent bike carts for all. Bring some back up foods and drinks as there are not many diners on the island, and it is a bigger park – island of about 2 km.

The best is Normafa, the Children’s Railway, the Libego, and the various public transport means to get there: tram or M2 red metro to Szell Kalman square, then tram to the cogwheel, cogwheel up the Janos Hill, then the Children’s train, then some good food on Normafa. Again, another fun place, but needs lots of packing (foods, drinks, change of clothes in my experience). But it is worth all of it. Definitely on our top list, both locals and foreigners love this place.
Here are some related articles about Normafa and the activities

Indoor Activities for Children in Budapest

Indoor activities range from the beautiful and fun Zoo (with its own playhouse), the Tropicarium or the Palace of Wonders (off the city centre, in southern Budapest, in Campona shopping mall), or to music with kids in the Palace of Arts or in the Millenaris Park.
The National Circus is right next to the Zoo with daily performances (old style circus, not the new wave circus). Also in the City Park, you can see the Museum of Transport. Unfortunately, not interactive enough for a modern day parent, or kid, but there are some life size, real trains inside, which toddlers like to climb upon for a good half an hour. :)

Baths, Pools in Budapest with kids

In short, the best place is to go to Aqua World water theme park in Budapest as a family with toddlers. This is our Budapest bath guide
Natural spring baths and pools in Budapest with children: the truth is the famous thermal baths and spas of Budapest have not been designed for little children, in contrast to the lidos, which are only open in summer time. So Szechenyi Bath or Gellert Bath may be fun for teens and adults but not for little children, especially in winter time. In winter, the outdoor pools of Szechenyi Baths are of 38 degrees Celsius, not recommended for kids, and its indoor pools are not designed for toddlers either. Not only the temperature but the pools either. That said, some parents take their little ones for their own responsibility. I would not take mine. Gellert Bath has an outdoor shallow pool, suitable for children, but not in winter time.
During the winter months I would recommend the Aqua World Park with kids and toddlers:, which is a fun water theme park in the north of Budapest, approx. 45 min from the city centre by public transport. Lots of fun pools, slides, spa facilities – not a thermal bath, but a great option for families. In summer, you could go to Palatinus lido on the Margaret Island, which is a lot of fun, but not open during winter.

Other Budapest attractions with children:

the Market Hall on a less busy morning or early afternoon can be an interesting place, if you can keep the kids busy with questions and food. There is a playground in front of it for plan B:

I would say the Budapest Parliament can be too much hassle, and for such a little time, I would skip it with toddlers.

Buda Castle quarter and the Fisherman’s Bastion: both worth a visit. You can take the funicular uphill (not included in the public transport pass) walk around the Bastion, count the 7 towers of the 7 Hungarian tribes, find the tribal leaders, enjoy the panoramic view, then have some yummy cake in the nearby Cafe Ruszwurm (5 min walk from the Bastion)
You can walk on the courtyards of the Castle where there are some nice statues to look at, cobblestones to hop on
Inside the castle there is a big art gallery, with a simple but nice cafe (if your toddlers are nappy free, these are good wee wee spots) :)
The entrance is cheap, the gallery is nice, and my toddler daughter likes some of the interesting paintings, and the huge space.
Also in the Buda Castle, there is the Military Museum, with some cannons outside to play at castle siege and defend the castle

The churches are very nice, and worth a short peep inside, maybe for a next visit. The visit to the St Stephen’s Basilica is free, and you can get the Holy Right mummy hand lit for a little donation to the church, a spooky arm. The tower of the Basilica is very tall. 96 m or so, if you want to climb lots and lots of steps.
Another interesting church is in the Castle, the Matthias Church, not free to enter, but very nice. Maybe not so if the kids are tired.
The Cave church in Gellert Hill is an interesting experience, but my toddler does not like dark places (e.g. the London Aquarium, or the Budapest caves were just too dark for her)

Museums in Budapest with children

Besides the above mentioned Museum of Transport, there is also the Museum of Natural History. I think it is better for children from 4+ than for toddlers, but it is a child friendly museum at any rate.
The Budapest train park and museum would be a good open air museum, but only in the summer time, sorry.

The Museum of Fine Arts is another artsy place, with some kid activities, but again, better for 5-6+ than under it

Tours in Budapest with kids

You could try the hop on hop off bus tours with the kids. It is a good value for money and flexible and interesting enough for any family plans. They run a lot more rarely in winter time, so planning and booking in advance is a good idea, if you want to do it.

I’ll be in Budapest in late August ’13. With a little flexibility in my schedule and a high priority that I attend one of the sparties, can I expect sparties to still be happening the final week of August (30,31), or do I reasonably have to plan on being in town the weekend prior? And do you need to reserve to get into the party? How far in advance?
Thank you.

Top Budapest Travel Guide

Hi Justin, the summer bath parties in Szechenyi Bath ran all through summer time from late June. I would predict that based on 2012, and the plans of the organizers, yes, there will be more Szecska parties coming up, and as Aug 31 is a Saturday, and the spa bath party series are on Saturdays, in all probability, there should be a bath party on August 31. This is not 100%, as anything might come up, but there is a very high likelihood for the party.
If there is no party for some unforeseeable reason, I would suggest you either visit some of the best parties in Budapest that Sat, or you visit Rudas Bath for a late night bath (open until 4 am on Saturdays).

In the meantime, if you can make a short trip to Budapest, you may be interested in the Magic Bath winter and spring parties in Lukacs Bath, huge fun! The organizers are the same as for the Szechenyi bath parties!
Upcoming bath parties in Budapest here


Thanks for the brilliant list of tips. My boyfriend and I are visiting from Thursday 28 Feb to Monday 4 March. Do you know of anything specific worth highlighting during that time? We’re staying in the Jewish Quarter. We love live music (we like most genres but would particularly like to see some gypsy style bands). We also love eating out (would like to check out places that are popular with locals), walking, theatre and would like to check out some ruin pubs plus any other kind of alternative nightlife. Oh,and of course we are planning a spa trip!

Any tips you can give would be most welcome. We’re counting the days!


Top Budapest Travel Guide

Hello Emma,

we are glad to help. Sorry about the late reply, we are trying to get more resources to be able to answer all inquiries about Budapest visit…
Highlights for Feb 28 and March 4, 2013 Budapest:
so it is a long weekend, and first a quick note about opening hours regarding Budapest attractions
the Great Market Hall in Budapest is not open on Sun, but you can take a visit while the Chilean day are featured in the Market
museums in Budapest (most) are closed on Mondays, so if you want to visit any museum or gallery, schedule is for another day, and here are some ideas for a Monday

Gypsy band and eating out can be easily combined in Budapest, either in a restaurant
or you can enjoy the Rajko Gypsy Band on a ship cruise in Budapest, plus have a candle lit (buffet) dinner

walking is great in Budapest, especially along the river Danube, on Andrassy Avenue, in the Jewish Quarter (the hub of ruin pubs, almost in every street!), and in and around the City Park of Budapest
Here are some romantic walk tips and other romantic things to do in Budapest

Theatre performances are mostly in Hungarian, so operas, operettas and dance shows are the easiest to follow for tourists in Budapest
the Opera House is a must see I think, dance shows range from folk dance shows to contemporary dance shows

Spa trips are indeed great. You are coming to Budapest when the winter Magic Bath party series continue. If you like electronic music, it is great
or you can spend a late evening bath in the Turkish Rudas Bath (open until 4 am on Fri and Sat), or simply go to the number 1 spa bath Szechenyi Bath
Gellert Bath is beautiful too, so if you can squeeze in one bath for every day it will all feel completely different (without exaggeration)
for some of the March events check
for February
alternative nightlife is best in the ruin pubs, and there are many of them :)
Have a great trip!

Top Budapest Travel Guide

Sorry, forgot to add the WAMP Design Fair on Sunday on Vorosmarty Square in the building Vaci 1 (1 Vaci street, the shopping street that runs into Vorosmarty square)

Hi There’
Im planning to visit Budapest on the 29th of March to 31st ,just a weekend trip,is it enough to visit the top 10 attractions you mentioned above? are transportations not that complicated since i have my 8-yr old son with me? Can we go around the main attractions by bike?

Thanks in advance and well done putting the top budapest attractions together as i dont have to list all of them in a paper ,you have it all here!

(I was just a bit skeptic to go since im with a child ,we might have a hard time finding those sites but i hopr not)


Top Budapest Travel Guide

Hello Marie,
transportation won’t be a problem as Budapest public transport is quite efficient. To be frank, I do not recommend renting a bike for getting around, as Budapest needs a few more years for a better bike culture (more roads, better car drivers, etc.). If you were a local, it would not be a big challenge, but for a tourist, it is I think. That said, a guided bike tour may be fun at the end of March
The top ten attractions in Budapest
this list may be enough for 3 days, it depends on how long it takes for you to take things in, if you go inside to explore buildings and exhibitions, or just take a quick look. It is hard to tell. If you run out of ideas, there is always more things to do, from the Hungarian National Museum to adventure parks, or hidden gems
We think a 3 day stay in Budapest is a good start, a taster of the city, but there is always chance to come back for more if you loved your visit (hopefully you will!). You may want to take a look at our Budapest for Kids guide, with an 8 year old child
It will take a few seconds to download, but the kid event calendar has lots of tips for tourists with children in Budapest
As you are coming to Budapest at Easter, you will like the Buda Castle Easter Festival:
the Easter Fair in downtown on Vorosmarty Square, unmissable, in the heart of city. Once on Vorosmary Square get something yummy in Daubner Confectionery, or the more fancy Cafe Gerbeaud. Both sell sweets in boxes too, which make good gifts.
Then there is the Easter Fair in Vajdahunyad Castle
the Folk Dance Festival (lots of children dance around too) in the Sports Arena
If you want to do any shopping try to do it on Friday or Saturday as Sunday is Easter holiday and almost all shops will be closed.
Hope this helps. Have a beautiful Easter in Budapest (this is our Easter guide by the way

Hello! I love all the infomation! I will be traveling from Frankfurt to Budapest by plane. Getting in about 6:00 PM May 5th leaving may 8th afternoon or evening if the flights are not too expensive. We are thinking about staying at the Norotel bucapest Centrum. Is that a nice hotel close to all attractions? Will we be able to fit in the top 10 attractions? If so what order should we do them in. We do enjoy walking but are 60 & 70 year old so don’t want to be in pain LOL! Any suggustions would be helpful. This is the first time traveling alone and would like to make the most of it. My husban is Hungrian and this is on his bucket list want him to enjoy all. Also what good Hungrian resturants are best?

Also traveling from train to Airport. Easy? Where’s the best wine tasting?

Top Budapest Travel Guide

Hello Linda, yes, Novotel Budapest Centrum has a good location, and is generally considered a good value option when it comes to Budapest hotels. That said, I do not think that the atmosphere of Blaha Lujza Sq / Keleti Train Station (or Rakoczi Way, which connects the two) are the most tourist friendly to be honest, as I think there are much better locations in the city center and along Andrassy Avenue. The hotel is not too close to attractions on foot, but getting around Budapest with buses, metro and streetcars is very easy. Buy a Budapest travel pass or a Budapest Card to cut costs. This is our top 10 things to do in Budapest list above, and we also have a top 10 Budapest attractions list, if you are interested:
The order of visiting the sights, how you should cover the attractions is the combination of the number of days you spend in Budapest and what you really love doing, which only You know. As you are on a short Budapest visit, I would recommend doing a Buda Castle Hill tour day, and a Heroes’ Square + City Park + Szechenyi Baths tour day, then see how much time and energy you still have for the rest of the city attractions.
The Budapest airport transfer should not be a problem:
Good restaurants are not always Hungarian restaurants in Budapest, which vary in style, budget, etc. Take a look at this list:
On the cheaper side you can try Belvarosi Lugas restaurant, Hunyadi Kisvendeglo, or one of the authentic eateries while on the more upscale side maybe Cafe Bouchon, or Kehli Restaurant. Your husband will know if he prefers the red and white checkered type of Hungarian restaurant or the more urban citizen atmosphere type of old Budapest restaurants. Best wine tasting is probably either Faust Wine Cellar or the one offered by Taste Hungary. Have a great time.

Thank You so much for the Inf! You have been very helpful! One more question how is the Queen Court Hotel? It seems like a great deal with great reviews for the money.

Thanks for sharing the top ten. I personally like to go Castle Hill specially during evening time. The views of Danube and Pest area are awesome.

Every bath I check out, I can only find the all day pass. We can’t afford the time to spend more than 3 hours; can we get a half day pass? How would I find out the cost of this? Thanks

Top Budapest Travel Guide

Hello Marilyn, sorry that you could not find the shorter bath passes. Which bath are you interested in? Kiraly bath or Veli Bej bath are quite cheap! Check their prices for the day you want (weekday vs weekend). The more popular bath palaces (Szechenyi and Gellert) are more expensive, about 2x as much.
Besides all day bath tickets, there are late afternoon tickets (but there is no more flexible hour stay in the baths with a refund, as in some outdated travel sites and Budapest tour books you can read).
Szechenyi prices: (scroll down to see the afternoon tickets “Afternoon bath ticket with cabin usage at Szechenyi Baths Thermal pools from 5 pm)” and the same but with a locker (not a private changing cabin) “Afternoon bath ticket with locker usage at Szechenyi Baths (Thermal pools from 5 pm)” Weekend prices are higher, and there are usually queues these weeks, especially in the afternoon. Unfortunately only full day tickets are sold with fast track entry:

Gellert spa only offers full day bath entries, sorry.
Rudas Bath is another nice thermal bath (unfortunately gender separated on weekdays):
Lukacs Bath is nice, not as much fun as Szechenyi, and architecturally a lot more modest, but it is a thermal bath loved by locals, and now there is a free entry to Lukacs Baths with the Budapest Card!
Budapest card also offers discounts on the other thermal baths!

After all, you can save a lot on the bath entries in Budapest, if you pick well I think.
If you buy a daily pass, it does not mean that you have to stay there all day. Just stay as long as you enjoy! :)

What is there to do in Budapest during April for 3 black guys in their mid 30’s? We are going at a weekend getaway and looking to have soem safe fun.

Top Budapest Travel Guide

Hi Michael, if by fun you mean parties, you can try any of the ruin pubs in the city centre, where many locals and foreigners mix (safe and fun). Also, the April bath parties in Lukacs Baths are truly fun In general, thermal baths can be relaxing and fun (except the party fun of course, which is dynamic)
Tours range from traditional to more fun tours, like Segway, pub crawling, Trabant tours, etc. which can be fun. I don’t think black means any special restrictions for you guys when it comes to general young tourist fun in Budapest. Mid 30’s also should be OK, although many party places attract folks in their 20s, and the upper range is about the 30’s. Hope this helps.

I’m coming to Budapest for my stag party with my friends, has anyone used Manic Tours before, I’ve read good reviews on them on other websites

Top Budapest Travel Guide

Hello Rob, we do not know about them. Here are some tips for organizing a stag party:

We want to rent an apartment on Vig st. District 8 and I can see that lot of the things are improved there toward safety, but considering that we are traveling with kids I would like to know if its safe to walk there after dark. The trip will be in the summer 2014. Also is it a good starting point for walking tours of the city atractions . We do like to walk and we can do by 6-7 km per day with the kids. I was also trying to find from what age the kids are paying for public transport? Thank you in advance, Maya

Top Budapest Travel Guide

Hello Maya, if you can rent an apartment in another part of Budapest, we would suggest trying to book another apt with kids. We would recommend either the streets close to Szabadsag Square (very close to the city centre, playgrounds, many things to do):

This neighbourhood is not cheap, but worth the extra costs for convenience. Another part, which is less immediate to the city centre, and is cheaper, but quite family friendly is the streets near Szent Istvan Park, close to Margaret Bridge. With a 5-10 min walk to tram 4 or 6 by the bridge, or a 5-10 min walk to the metro station near Lehel Square, you can reach many attractions in Budapest easily.

Luckily, in summer time the darkness sets in after 8 pm so if you take the kids back to the apartment for dinner time or not later than 8 pm, you will walk home by good visibility and relative daylight. July sunset hours in Budapest are even later:

We have many more useful tips for families with kids in Budapest in our Budapest Children’s guide:

Public transportation in Budapest is free for children under 6 when they have an adult accompanying them. This only applies within the city boundaries of Budapest, does not apply to villages outside Budapest. At the age of 6 Hungarian children start education, and will get a student ID and need to have a student discount ticket or pass – the same student discount fares can be bought for children in the EU who have a valid student ID with them (please show it at the cashier of Budapest public transport known as BKV for short to check if the student ID will be accepted.)

Have fun in Budapest!

Hi all, Great site! I’m headed to Budapest in early April for a couple days and I’m looking for a few different events. I’d love to attend any local sporting event, preferably football but would love so see anything else, particulalry if it is something specific to the region. I’d also love to catch an Opera if possible or even an open-air festival. Lastly, I’m a bit of a fan of the weird and off-beat but want to play it smart in seeking that out, any suggestions?

Cristina Barbara


Im interested in visiting the Budapest Circus. Can you pre-book the tickets over the internet or do you just show up and buy them there and then?


Top Budapest Travel Guide

Hi Cristina, you can buy tickets to the Budapest Circus online, in fact 10% cheaper than at the cashier, so it is also an option to save some money.
The online ticket page of the circus is
which will take you to this English language page:

If you want to visit the circus with children, it is free for under 4 year olds (if they sit on your lap), between 4 and 18 years of age you can buy children tickets. Enjoy Budapest!

Hi…i plan to visit Budapest in august and i make reservations in hotel Mercure in the city center…is it near to “top ten things to visit in budapest” or i need a guide?? Thanks

Top Budapest Travel Guide

Hello Nisrine, Budapest is very tourist friendly regarding its public transport so all the various attractions and top ten things to do can be easily visited within 10 – 30 min on foot or by metro / bus / tram.
Hotel Mercure in the city centre is very close to many top things to do, starting with the city centre activities, and further with the things to do a few minute metro ride from the city centre. You will surely find yourself well situated in the heart of the city.

Hey Top 10Things To Do Team,

this is a fantastic top, i loved it, and especially it’s great to have the good photos next to the topic, makes me wanna go to Budapest right away. I also set up a guide for Secret tips for Budapest and I thought this would fit here perfectly.
Does this make sense?

All the best and take care,

Great article! We’re leaving for Budapest in 2 weeks and we’ll definetely tick off a few Items on your list.
A friend lives in Budapest so he’s going to show us the authentic faily life! I can hardly wait!

Hello! I will travell soon to Budapest and this article is fascinating, I can’t wait to be there and see all of these amazing stuffs! What kind of transfer could you recommend from the airport to the centre? I m arriving late at nigth… is the public transport availbe? Or should i take taxis, or transfer – i found one which sounds good for me but… what about uber today? i heard someting bad news about it… is that true? thank you very much for your help!

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