Budapest Christmas

Here are some of the Budapest Christmas Things to Do if you are visiting Budapest for a Christmas break. First things first, December is cold in Budapest, so do bring some warm clothes and a good pair of comfortable warm shoes (preferably waterproof):

Budapest Christmas Markets

Budapest Christmas To Do

Budapest Christmas To do

Budapest Nutcracker: Budapest Nutcracker Festival at the Hungarian Opera House and Nutcracker puppet shows, performances all over Budapest

Budapest Christmas Concerts: Budapest gets even more musical around Christmas with Christmas carols, elevating classical music, festive jazz, gospels, Christmas swing and boogie, and Santa clad techno house parties.

Learn more about Budapest Christmas Concerts.

Budapest Christmas Rides on various vehicles: a must thing to do in Budapest in the Christmas holidays. Pick the cheap tram / streetcar, hop on the Santa Claus / Father Christmas steam trains, or get in the Christmas boat in Budapest. Just move, and enjoy the ride with many others.


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