Budapest Top Ten Ruin Pubs

Budapest Top Ten Ruin Pubs

Ruin bars of ruin pubs are a special Budapest phenomenon, bars where you can instantly feel a special vibe of Budapest nightlife packed with people. Strange courtyards of abandoned buildings with artsy, quirky, historical and unusual mixed in one colourful design. Hangouts mostly for 20-30 somethings all year round.

Top Ten Ruin Bars in Budapest

Fogashaz / Fogas Haz Ruin Bar

Fogashaz Ruin Bar in Budapest Nightlife

Fogashaz Ruin Bar in Budapest Nightlife

Fogashaz Bar: Ruin pub / bar with a lively courtyard in a residential building. Many locals’ favourite cool ruin bar and alternative art venue.

You can meet young Hungarian artists and designers here, and enjoy temp exhibitions and workshops. Are you an artist? Feel free to collaborate!

Address: 51 Akacfa Street, Budapest District VII.
(a few minutes’ walk behind the Great Synagogue in Budapest)
Phone: 00-36-1-783-8820
Open: Monday-Sunday: 4 pm to 4 am

Szimpla Kert / Szimpla Garden Ruin Pub

Szimpla Kert: Ruin Bar with a big Courtyard Garden in downtown Budapest, District VII. The oldest ruin pub and the concept model of Hungarian ruin bars.

Szimpla Kert Budapest Ruin Bar

Szimpla Kert Budapest Ruin Bar

Nowadays too crowded at weekends, but a good bet on weekdays, which are less party going (Mon-Thu). Szimpla Garden is still worth a look at in the evenings.

Lots of free concerts and other shows from Monday to Sunday. On Sundays by daylight Szimpla Farmer’s Market with organic produce and more from 9 am to 2 pm.

Address: 14 Kazinczy Street, Budapest District VII.
(a few minutes’ walk behind the Great Synagogue in Budapest)
Phone: 00- 36-1- 352-4198
Open: Monday – Sunday: 12 pm (noon)  – 3 am

Instant Ruin Bar Budapest


Instant Ruin Bar Budapest

Instant Ruin Bar Budapest

Instant Bar: an enchanted ruin pub with four bars on two levels. Disco balls with rabbit herds running on the ceiling.

Crazy and loveable place with cool folks. Random acts and parties (NYE, February Carnival, Easter party, etc.)

Address: 38 Nagymezo Street, District VI
Phone: 00-36-1-311-0704
Open: Monday – Sunday: typically from 4 pm to 2-3 am, but their Facebook page says “always open”

Durer Kert / Durer Garden Budapest

Durer Kert garden ruin pub is perhaps the most music focused of all the Budapest ruin bars.

Durer Kert Garden Ruin Pub Budapest

Durer Kert Garden Ruin Pub Budapest

Durer Kert is also one of our top tips for tourists seeking off the beaten track attractions in Budapest.

This hidden gem of ruin bars is located north of the City Park in Budapest, which makes it also physically off the track of the usual ruin pub location the city centre (District VI and VII are near downtown).

In the spacious garden of the Durer Kert bar, you can find table tennis, foosball, etc. and more fresh air than in the more touristy and traffic heavy city centre.

Locals love Durer Kert, where concerts for the less mainstream music / art are also held on a regular basis. Metal Festival in winter, anti Christmas party in December, Comic Book Festival, Earthdance Global Festival for Peace, etc. Rock days, reggae days.

Cold snacks (sandwiches, etc.), and hot meals include wiener schnitzel, gyros, hamburger, etc. making Durer Kert Budapest a good option for a simple and cheap lunch or dinner.

Durer Kert Budapest Tilos Radio Maraton

Durer Kert Budapest Tilos Radio Maraton

Ideal for backpackers and alternative minded parents with children as well as tourists travelling with their dogs. Child friendly, dog friendly, biker friendly ruin pub from May to October when the garden is open.

Address: 19-21 Ajtosi Durer Way, District XIV
Phone: 00-36-1 789-4444
Open: Monday – Sunday: 5 pm to 5 am


Anker’t Ruin Bar Budapest

Ankert is the minimalist design ruin pub in the heart of Budapest, and it is also one of the more recently opened cool bars in the city.

Ankert Budapest Ruin Pub Downtown

Ankert Budapest Ruin Pub Downtown

Its opening hours are limited to the warmer months (approximately from May to September). Mark Zuckenberg and his wife have recently checked out the place.
Its bigger court is the ‘dance floor” while its smaller court called Plage is turned into an “urban beach”, also in very minimalist style, with some seaside resort decor, sea life video projections and sound effects, paper sea gulls hanging from the barrack like rubble building etc.

One of the popular events in Anker’t is the Youtube Disco series (for fun, ridiculously spelled in Hungarian “Jutyubdiszko”). Also its DJ days are popular, like the Tilos Radio Wednesdays with DJ Minek space discos, Funk and Soul Tuesdays with DJ Elliot, or on Mondays, DJ Steppe (DJ Sztyepp) is adding some spice to the least liked day of the week, Mondays, with lounge, soul, dub and downtempo.
The place can be rented for private events, film screenings, etc.

Address: 33 Paulay Ede Street Budapest, District VI (open the Metal Door please)
Phone: 00-36 30 360 3389
Open: Monday – Sunday: 5 pm to 5 am

Ellato Kert Ruin Pub Budapest

Ellato Kert Budapest Garden Ruin Pub

Ellato Kert Budapest Garden Ruin Pub

Ellato Kert Ruin Pub is located in the Jewish Quarter in Budapest, in the vivid Kazinczy Street. Ellato is an absolutely open air bar, taqueria and cheap cocktail place. Its good weather opening hours are from May to October (unfortunately the ruin pub is closed for the cold weather days from November to April). You can find table tennis, foosball, darts machine, billiard to entertain yourselves in the pub.
If you get hungry, you can get some Mexican style foods and snacks.
Ellato is a bike and biker friendly, dog friendly place of Budapest nightlife.

Address: 48 Kazinczy Street, District VII
Phone: 00-36-30-628-91-36 (evening hours only)
Open: Monday – Tuesday: 5 pm to 2 am, Wednesday – Friday: 5 pm to 4 am, Saturday: 6 pm to 4 am, Sunday: 6 pm to 2 am

Puder Ruin Bar Budapest

Puder Ruin Pub Budapest

Puder Ruin Pub Budapest

Puder Ruin Pub is a nice little bar, restaurant and gallery with lots of theatrical performances and other artsy events. No wonder Puder defines itself as Puder Bar Theatre and Art Gallery.

Puder is located in the popular Raday Street in Budapest, which is one of the major pedestrian only, walking streets in the city packed with a good dozen of restaurants and cafes of all sorts, budgets and genres (from the 1 Michelin star Costes Restaurant to the cheaper places of eating, drinking and entertainment like Puder ruin bar itself)

Hot meals are available (soups, beef, rabbit, salmon meals, etc.

Address: 8 Raday Street Budapest, District IX
Phone: 00-36-1 – 210-71-68
Open: Sunday – Thursday: 12 pm (noon) to 1 am, Friday – Saturday: 12 pm (noon) to 2 am

Corvinteto Rooftop Ruin Bar


Corvinteto Ruin Club Budapest Nightlife

Corvinteto Ruin Club Budapest Nightlife

Corvinteto is so much more than a ruin pub, in fact Corvinteto is one of the hip dance clubs in Budapest nightlife scene. Plus it is the only one that is an actual open air rooftop club (at least a good portion of the ruin club). Corvinteto is using the abandoned building of the former communist star department store, which adds a good deal of retro to the design. But it is a hip place, don’t be mistaken.

Regular music events, parties, DJs, lots of people, crowds at weekends all year round.

Open only for 18+ folks!

Hot meals are available (soups, beef, rabbit, salmon meals, etc.

Address: 1-2 Blaha Lujza Square, Budapest District VIII
Phone: 00-36-20 772 2983
Open: Monday – Sunday: 6 pm – 6 am

Kuplung Ruin Pub Budapest

Kuplung Ruin Bar Budapest

Kuplung Ruin Bar Budapest

The iconic Kuplung is one of the oldest ruin pubs in Budapest hidden away in a residential driveway / gateway in downtown Budapest. Much of the ruin pub is in the courtyard. One of the great choices for relaxed football game watching on TV in Budapest (apart from professional sports bars of course). Lots of folks, many happy hours and discount drinks, concerts, parties and good vibe.

Address: 46 Kiraly Street, Budapest District VI
Phone: 00-36-30-755-35-27
Open: Sunday – Thursday: 3 pm – 2 am, Friday and Saturday: 3 pm to 5 am

Kertem Garden Bar in Budapest

Kertem Bar in Budapest City Park

Kertem Bar in Budapest City Park – Ribizlifozelek Photography

Kertem is the best choice for an open air bar on a fine summer day in the City Park. It is more of a garden cafe than a ruin pub in a sense that it was not built in an abandoned building, but its design is absolutely in line with the ruin pub design trend in the city of Budapest.

By day time Kertem (literally means “My Garden”) is an ideal place for all who love to sit in the green shades in an informal setting. Moms’ favorite who take the kids for a buggy ride in the park, or have planned a light snack lunch in the City Park. Dog walkers love to come here with their doggies after a happily exhausting park run, students, young artists, bikers gather here for a grilled lunch or dinner and to roll down some mugs of beers. Chill out, calm, laid back, no fancy place.
Address: 3 Olof Palme Avenue, City Park Budapest, District XIV
Phone: 00-36-30-225-1399
Open: Monday – Sunday: typically from 11 am to 4 am, seasonally (from May to September)
Mika Tivadar Mulato

Grandio / Nagydio Ruin Bar Budapest


Grandio Bar: the ruin pub in Budapest boasts one of the popular party hostels in the city (see the best Budapest hostels here).

Grandio Ruin Pub Budapest

Grandio Ruin Pub Budapest

Grandio Bar is perhaps best for the younger party folks, who are enjoying their Budapest holiday as a long stretched party day in day out. Hence the party hostel idea too, which includes pub crawls in Budapest, and other crazy nightlife things. Mind you, all male stag parties often find Grandio an ideal rewind location.

They advertise themselves as

*Perfect for party animals
*Bar on site (and a beer vending machine too…)
*Late night room for drinking and more…
*Drinking games in the jungle
*Who will be the Legend or the Lightweight of the night?
*Hang out on the balcony overlooking the bar

*Also suitable for large groups and Stag/Hen parties

Address: 8 Nagydiofa Street, District VI
Phone: 00-36-70-670-0390
Open: Monday – Sunday: typically from 4 pm to 2-3 am, but their Facebook page says “always open”

Why are they called “ruin pubs”?

Are these ruinous bars and Budapest locals are nuts to endanger their lives? Not really. Ruin bars were created in historical 19th century buildings waiting for restoration: facades with broken statues and relief, scraped walls, rusty staircase railings with beautiful motifs. Beautiful urban decay at its best. The interior adds more to the atmosphere: mismatching chairs, fun paper lanterns, statues on the ceilings, jukebox, fishing boat or vintage car body in the courtyard, graffiti on the walls, what have you. Some are bigger ruin bar complexes with dozens of rooms, like the uhr ruin pub in Budapest: Szimpla Kert. Others are tiny ruin bars like Kek Lo (Blue Horse), just opposite Szimpla Kert.

Reviews of Budapest Ruin Bars

Mysterious and Exciting Ruin Pubs

Entrepreneurs take over the space of an abandoned building or courtyard and create a pub there until they are evicted or the building is torn down. Often found inside dark abandoned building courtyards not visible from the street, these squatters’ pubs, ruins pubs, or kerts (gardens) as they are known here, are mysterious and exciting to visit. If you were merely strolling by, you would have no idea of the party scene shaking the interior walls, just a few feet away behind what on the outside is a dilapidated facade or an overly abused door. (Frommer’s Budapest Nightlife Guide on Budapest Ruin Bars)

That Really Cool Bar

I visited a bar when I was backpacking in Budapest in 2008, which I now know was Szimpla Kert, the bar mentioned in the blog, and it was one of the most memorable bar experiences I have had anywhere. My friends and I still talk about “that really cool bar in Budapest in the abandoned courtyard.” (Fodor’s Budapest Things to Do Travel Forum – SmithGardner)

Hipster Vibe & Thrift Shop Decor

Each ruin pub is unique, but they all share certain similarities. The main ingredient is usually an abandoned building, preferably with a vacant lot nearby to hold some picnic tables and a few beer taps. Add to that a bit of thrift-shop decor and a healthy dose of hipster vibe and the result is what you might get if you crossed a chill Berlin squat with a smallish Munich beer hall. The best ruin pubs offer live music or DJs on the weekends, as well as film nights and art exhibitions. Some even have light food and hostel accommodation. They’re the perfect spot to unwind on a warm summer night after a busy day of sightseeing. (Lonely Planet Budapest Ruin Pubs – Mark Baker’s review)

Bohemian Hot Spot

At this bohemian hot spot, artsy types gather in the large, smoky underground cellar, sprawling over an eclectic mix of furniture. No one leaves unimpressed by the grunge art (donated by students from local design schools), the creative use of every day objects turned chairs and surreal maze of rooms. There’s also live jazz several nights a week. (Fodor’s Budapest Nightlife Guide Review on Szimpla Kert )

Countercultural Center

Yes, it looks like a ruin. In fact, if you’re in a romkocsma, or ruin pub, you’re actually sitting in a shell of a building that has been taken over, generally on a short-term lease, to function as a pub and countercultural center until it can be cleaned up and renovated. One of the newest is Instant (Nagymezo utca 38), which occupies an apartment building whose peeling paint is matched by unusual sculptures like the giant school of fish hanging in the courtyard. Downstairs, D.J.’s play dance music until the wee hours. (Travel Magazine of NY Times – Evan Rail: Save or Splurge Budapest)

Newfound Vitality

Traditionally the heartland of Jewish life in Budapest, the Seventh District in recent decades has fallen into decay and neglect. But designers and club owners have begun moving into its empty buildings and courtyards, giving the neighborhood a newfound vitality. At night the district really comes to life, with partygoers funneling through narrow streets to an ever-growing roster of “ruin pubs” like Szimplakert — which is decorated with heaps of trashy furniture, moody lighting and Trabant body parts — and the courtyard bar Fogashaz, where a sign reading “False Teeth” gives away its previous life as a dental clinic. (T Magazine NY Times – Maja Fowkes and Reuben Fowkes)


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