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What to do in Budapest on certain days, is there anything on Mondays, or Wednesdays? What if you are on a weekend getaway when  some of the places of interest are closed at the weekend? Or how to plan your Mondays in Budapest if most museums are closed on Mondays?

Budapest things to do - all year round - photo by michael7601

Budapest things to do – all year round – photo by michael7601

First of all, there is nothing to worry about, you will surely have a great time in Budapest even if not all the attractions are open all week. Just be aware of what to expect to avoid disillusionment.

National holidays do not necessarily mean that everything is closed. Even Easter Monday or Whit Monday can have some surprisingly great events for you. See some ideas below for each public holiday.

As for regular days, for instance, the Central Market Hall is closed on Sundays, unlike the shopping malls in Budapest, which are open from Monday to Sunday, all week. Many museums in Hungary are closed on Monday, but there are so many other attractions to see, and things to do, that you can easily have your Monday packed with exciting sites and events without noticing missing museums.

So let’s see what to do on certain days of the week:

Things to Do in Budapest on Mondays

 Things to Do Budapest РNational Holidays

Things to Do in Budapest at Easter: Easter Monday, Easter Sunday, Easter Fairs in Budapest, Hungary

Things to Do in Budapest on October 23: special opening hours, events to visit, places to avoid

Things to Do in Budapest on December 24: Christmas Eve things to do, places to visit, concerts and masses to attend

Things to Do in Budapest on December 25: Christmas day events, ideas, opening hours

Things to Do in Budapest on December 26: Boxing Day tips for your Budapest visit, things to do during the Christmas holiday

We are continuously updating and expanding our Budapest info, please bear with us. In the meantime you can ask your questions about specific days in the comments.

Last updated: October, 2012


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