Romantic Things To Do in Budapest

Budapest must be one of the most romantic cities in the world with its sweeping, beautiful romantic views over the night lit river embankment flagged by UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Buda Castle and the Hungarian Parliament.

Romantic Nightlife and views in Budapest - photo by Giannis Arvanitakis

Romantic Nightlife in Budapest – Giannis Arvanitakis Photography

No wonder, there are so many young couples visiting Budapest for a romantic getaway, making a proposal or throwing an affordable yet dashing wedding.

Who wouldn’t want to give the world like a treasure box to her most beloved one? And sitting on top of Gellert Hill or standing under the roofs by the balcony of the romantic Fisherman’s Bastion (tower plus restaurant) atop the Castle Hill definitely feels like a generous gesture of sharing the most beautiful, warm and elegant gift of yours.

The less known location for a romantic panorama is the Budapest Citadel on Gellert Hill if you want some more privacy (but you will most likely be not alone, as locals love to let their hearts talk here too).

Romantic things to do in Budapest

Romantic couple in Budapest

Romantic couple in Budapest – photo by Kevin Conboy

There are lots of romantic, really really romantic things to do in this unpolished city of Eastern Europe. What is the best time to visit Budapest for a romantic getaway? Maybe August or September. If you don’t mind the cold and the potential snow falling, you may like December in Budapest too: the Christmas market in Budapest, and the whole festive Christmas atmosphere in December. New Year’s Eve is a popular day for romantic couples in Budapest too (you can relax at Szechenyi Baths warm outdoor pools the next day on Jan 1 – imagine the snow falling, but you hugging in the warm pool – heavenly). But, let’s quickly add that any time of the year can put two loving hearts into the romantic mood. Even a dark, cold and gloomy January cannot stop true love. 🙂 No worries though, Budapest is always a romantic city with Budapest river cruises by day and by night, and other exciting romantic things to do throughout the year: romantic concerts, romantic spa baths, fun parties, romantic culinary pleasures (from light hearted lovely food grabs to white gloved and candle lit dinners), etc. If you need more personalized tips, see our Budapest visit planner.

Romantic Time in Budapest

If you can schedule your visit to Budapest by August, you will enjoy the nice summer days, the breezy walks at nights and loads of summer concerts, spectacular events, fairs, romantic dinners on the atmospheric terraces of restaurants in Budapest, etc. September can bring slightly cooler weather after the hot sweltering summer days, but there are a bit fewer tourists, yet a lot to do (festivals and more festivals, ripe fruits, still open air clubs, etc.). There are regular wine festivals and beer festivals around September in Budapest as well as other gastro pleasures, like the Chocolate Festival – who doesn’t like a sweet heart?

Should you come around 20 August, the happiest national holiday in Hungary when Hungarians celebrate the birthday of the Magyar state, you can see the colourful fireworks reflected in the river Danube around the coolest attractions of Budapest, the Chain Bridge, the Parliament, the Buda Castle the Gresham Palace, etc. (altogether the whole scene is part of the human world heritage as picked by UNESCO). If you want to steer away from the crowds, you can book your Budapest river cruisefor the night of the Fireworks too (now, this is definitely a splurge, but well worth the unique night): Budapest fireworks river cruise

Romantic Fireworks Aug 20 Budapest - photo by zsoolt

Romantic Fireworks Aug 20 Budapest – photo by zsoolt

Romantic Walks in Budapest

You can go on the best romantic walks of your life in Budapest along the river Danube, on the Danube Embankment or the picturesque night lit Danube Promenade.

Romantic Dinners in Budapest

You can find many romantic places, which have stunning views over the river Danube and Budapest attractions. See some of the best restaurants with panoramic views in Budapest here.

You can take your better half for a romantic river dinner cruise in Budapest, the best of which is the a la carte dinner cruise on Budapest Legenda boat (often booked up for full house days or even weeks in advance). We have personally enjoyed the 4 course dinner cruise, and it was great! Every bit of it!

Romantic Cruise in Budapest with Dinner

Romantic Cruise in Budapest with Dinner

Or you can pick a nice and romantic French bistro style restaurant, for instance sit on the terrace of Cafe Gerloczy or Chez Daniel (booking needed), or find your quiet time in Cafe Bouchon, or pick a more lively and vivid place buzzing with life and the pleasure of life and eating, like the Italian Trattoria Toscana or the Greek Taverna Dionysos by the river. Check out Comme chez Sois for a cozy little restaurant.

With a tiny bit of planning, and still leaving scope for spontaneous things to do on the spur of the moment, you can make your Budapest trip the best romantic holiday ever. Need more help? Write a comment, or for more in-depth help, see our Budapest visit planner info.

Budapest is abundant in romantic places

Romantic Statue in Budapest

Romantic Statue in Budapest – photo by Csaba Tamas