Things to do in Budapest in April

Budapest is blooming in April, the spring air is full of summer’s promises, and street events are returning, if the weather is fair. Here is our handpicked list for things to do in Budapest in April, but it only contains the yearly festivals and fairs. For the April current events, please take a look at our Top Budapest Event Calendar / Event Guide, or talk to locals, your private tour guide, the hotel receptionist, etc.

Things to do in April – Spring Events in Budapest

Buda Castle Easter Festival

Buda Castle Easter Festival – Festum Photography

Budapest Easter in April

Budapest Easter: Easter is celebrated in several places all over Budapest. There is and Easter festival, there are Easter fairs, Easter family activities, Easter menus, etc.

Here are some of the best places that are well worth a visit around Easter time in the city of Budapest (March / April)

Buda Castle Easter Festival

Easter in the Buda Castle  on the Buda Castle Hill (in fact a gastro and cultural fair and 3 day mini festival in the courts and grounds of the romantic Royal Palace)

Vajdahunyad Castle Easter Fair & Exhibition

Vajdahunyad Castle Easter Fair with Giant Easter egg exhibition in the Hungarian Museum of Agriculture

Easter Fair Budapest Vorosmarty Square

Easter Market Budapest: in the city centre, there is a nice square called Vorosmarty Square, which has become a top Christmas attraction in Europe. In recent years, this square has become the home of  the spring fair too, known as the Budapest Easter Market with quality crafts made by Hungarian folk artisans, traditional Hungarian foods and drinks (you can try the Hungarian savoury snack (Langos), the simple and elegant Chimney Cake milk bread pastry (Kurtoskalacs), Hungarian sausages, ‘Hurka’ (something like the Scottish blood pudding), Easter hams and cakes, etc. Of course, there are several more smaller events at Easter, so our list is not exhaustive.

Cherry Blossom in Budapest in April


Ohanami Budapest Cherry Blossom Festival

Ohanami Budapest Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry Blossom Festival (Ohanami / Sakura) in Budapest is in early  – mid April in the botanical garden of the city in Fuveszkert (usually two weekends).

The small scale Japanese festivities include concerts, exhibitions (calligraphy, origami, kokeshi dolls, etc.), drinking Japanese tea, etc. You can try your hand at Kyudo, the traditional Japanese archery style.

The Maido Japanese webshop goes offline and sells all kinds of Japanese items and gifts. Relaxed programme, off the bustling city centre of Budapest.

Jewish Passover in Budapest

Jewish Festival Budapest Passover

Jewish Festival Budapest Passover

Budapest Passover Festival is in the Jewish Quarter of Budapest (the quarters are in downtown Budapest in District 6 and 7, hence the name of the Jewish festival).

Quarter 6 Quarter 7 Festival had various dates in the last few years, it was both in April and in Dec (2x in 2012), with various festivities from candle lighting through theatre performances and film screenings to Jewish culinary events, kosher foods and nice concerts.

There will be guided Jewish walking tours during the festival where you can get some deeper insight into the (Hungarian) Jewish culture, the cultural heritage so lively vibrant in present day Budapest (there are dozens of venues, including quirky ruin pubs (romkocsma), clubs, restaurants, etc.

Dance Festival in Budapest in April

Dance Festival Budapest April

Dance Festival Budapest April

Budapest Dance Festival is a 6-7 day programme, usually at the end of April, as the festival is connected to the International Day of Dance.

There is no single venue of the April Dance Festival, but the major venues are the National Dance Theatre in the Buda Castle and the Festival Theatre in the Palace of Arts. The festival performances include various dance forms and traditions, often mixed with modern technology: ballet, contemporary dance, folk or folk inspired dance shows (like world music fusion in music) are in the programme list.

Sports Events in Budapest in April

Budapest Spring Half Marathon Running Race

Budapest Half Marathon is held in April in Budapest. It is a runners’ must do sports event, and must be one of the most scenic marathons in the world. There are more and more participants at the spring half marathon. Besides the 21 km, you can choose from the 10 km and the 7 km distance. In 2013, there were 15,600 runners racing on the biggest spring sport event of Hungary, and out of them 3,800 ran the Half Marathon distance.

Marathon: Budapest Spring Half Marathon

Date: April 13, 2014

Top Budapest Event Calendar / Event Guide to the current April events in Budapest, Hungary: click to see the currently highlighted events in Budapest in April this year.

Further events in April:
Titanic International Film Festival Budapest

Get some more ideas about April things to do in Budapest from Festival Budapest, which has a thematic and fresh April Festivals Budapest list of outstanding festivals in the city.


More about events on Budapest Events Guide


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